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Significance of being an early riser



By Bhavini

“The Early Morning has gold in its mouth”

 -Benjamin Franklin

Early risers are often considered as energetic people. If you are already an early riser, you know what the mornings bring, apart from the beautiful sunrise. However, for those who do not wake up early, here is a list of many advantages:

The early morning hours tend to be the most productive time of day as your organising skills get enhanced. Early risers have the time to prepare a healthy breakfast of their choice for themselves and family. Moreover, when you wake up early you have more time for stress busting leisure activities, helping you start your day with a calm and composed mind.

 Exercising in the morning is considered best because it gives you an adrenaline boost which enhances alertness, helping you overcome the sleepy feeling. Early birds get a better sleep as compared to night owls – that’s because they have higher chances of completing all stages required in a sleep cycle. Getting up early may also improve your chances of scoring higher in academics. When you wake up early, you reap the benefits of many good habits, leading to an energetic, well-rested, stress free, punctual and healthy you. You get a sense of order in life making you feel happier.

Waking up early in the morning also has a spiritual theme known as Brahma Muhurta. It’s believed that if you wake up at this hour of the day, you are blessed with the ‘Divine Power’ to worship your ‘Presiding Deity’, which means at this time your worship reaches directly to God.

Even scientifically, rising early plays a crucial role in maintaining a good health of the body. Our bodies are designed to produce the sleep-inducing hormone, Melatonin, after dark. The sleep-wake cycle in our body is regulated by our circadian rhythms, our body’s internal clock and that works with the light – it signals the suprachiasmatic nucleus to suppress Melatonin production, causing wakefulness. We are naturally attuned to being more responsive and alert during morning hours and sluggish as well as sleepy at night.

And as we very well know that “Early to bed and early to rise can make a man healthy, wealthy and wise,” – this stands very true and therefore, in order to wake up early, one has to sleep early.

It’s best to start gradually and push the time by a shorter duration. Maybe just 15 minutes is good to start! 

Another important tip is to keep the alarm clock away from bed as it decreases the chances of hitting the snooze button while pushing you to get out of your bed as soon as you hear the alarm and wake up. Well, it’s crucial because your brain is conditioned to feel sleepy in the bedroom. 

Moreover, having a motivation to get up will help you wake up early. Rewarding yourself helps you continue the practice diligently. It is going to take nearly 30-60 days to get into this habit. Most importantly, if you believe in yourself, you are halfway there and you are definitely going to be more energetic throughout the day. All in all, this practice will help you accomplish your goals in a much faster and productive manner.