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Short Story: A new place



By Ashita Kashyap

It was a sunny day. Thirteen-year-old, Natasha was sitting by the windowsill of her house in New York. She was a very intelligent girl.

That day, she felt bored. Suddenly, her younger brother, Noah came running towards her. He was jumping in excitement. Natasha found that annoying and asked him to stop. But he continued because he was very happy to know that they were moving to a new place.

However, Natasha did not share his excitement. She didn’t want to leave her city, friends and relocate to another place. They were moving to Los Angeles due to their father’s promotion.

“He probably doesn’t take friendship seriously,” thought Natasha as she saw Noah jumping like a monkey.

Just then, their mother, Mrs. Miller called them for lunch. She was a beautiful and kind-hearted lady. Noah went but Natasha refused to have lunch.

Her best friend Penelope paid Natasha a visit that day. She gave her a friendship band as a souvenir. Then they both spoke for hours. As Penelope was leaving, a small tear rolled down Natasha’s eyes. She was afraid that she’d never be able to meet her friend again.

After that, her family started to pack. They had to reach the airport on time the following day. Natasha was scared as she had never been in an airplane before. When the plane took off, she felt relieved.

She was mesmerised by the view outside the airplane. They finally landed in Los Angeles safely. Heading towards her new home Natasha felt sad.

Noah mumbled in excitement seeing the new house and ran to its gate. The family took a tour of the house and rested for a while.

For about a week, they were settling and unpacking.

Natasha and Noah went to the same school. At first, Natasha was shy and quiet. She was uncomfortable in the place.

But soon, she began to enjoy the change. She made more friends and excelled at her studies. Her family felt happy to see her.