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Scholar-Journalist of the Week: Stop spending so much time on your gadgets

This week’s winner, Eshwarjot Kaur Mattu is an academic achiever who believes that human values come before excellence



Coming from a family of landowners in Punjab, Eshwarjot Kaur Mattu has had good exposure towards languages, literature and luxury during her schooling. A strong-willed young woman who chose the Non-Medical stream in +2 at Apeejay School, Rama Mandi, Jalandhar, she recently scored 96.23% in the CBSE Class 12 Term-I examinations. Soon to appear for her Term-II papers, the student in an interview, talks about her winning write-up, inspiration and literary influences. Read on:  

Why did you choose the topic – ‘Stop spending so much time on your gadgets’ for a Scholar-Journalist entry?

As the Apeejay Newsroom started the Scholar-Journalist segment, my class teacher encouraged me to write. Then, I chose to talk about this issue because I wanted people to learn and reflect on it. I have observed that people, these days, are so busy with their mobile phones that they rarely have time to observe what’s going on in their surroundings. Even if someone is free from their phones, they don’t spend that much time with their family or grandparents. Due to this, the quality of life and familial values seem to be deteriorating. I wanted people to consider this and hopefully, start working in this direction.

Do you live with your grandparents? How do you take out time for your family?

Yes, we have a family of seven members comprising my parents, grandparents and cousins. We eat food together and have a routine each day around 8 or 9 pm to sit together and talk to each other. It can just be a regular discussion about how the day went, good, bad or ugly, but this practice really helps us be more involved and connected with each other. Also, Apeejay School, Rama Mandi and its teachers have been no less than family for me. My siblings and cousins study in the same school and we help each other with studies. I have inculcated the quality of helping others from school and these values I have learnt from my teachers. As the elder sister in the family, it is my duty to impart the same to the younger members.  

Are you an avid reader? What kind of books do you like?

I am a consistent reader. I prefer to read political pieces. Muhammad Afzal Ahsan Randhawa, a Pakistani Punjabi language writer and politician who has authored short stories and novels in the Punjabi is someone I like to read.  Apart from him, JK Rowling and Russian writers such as Rasul Gamzatovich Gamzatov who is well-known for Zhuravli, one of the most famous Russian songs about World War II, are some of my favourites. I am interested in knowing more about the political scenario and situations in Kashmir, Punjab, and from the genre of these books, I have learnt that in a democracy, we must speak. If we don’t, we will continue to have a democracy, but only for its namesake.

Interesting! What are your hobbies?

I am a multilingual person. I wish to acquire new phrases and words. Currently, I am learning Urdu and French and I can already read, write and speak Hindi, English and Punjabi.

What is your career aspiration?

I wish to pursue a degree in Computer Sciences from Canada.

Any mantra you swear by?

I believe that one should be a good human being before striving to be excellent in any academic or co-curricular field. This has stayed with me throughout my schooling.  

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