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Stop spending so much time on your gadgets



By Eshwarjot Kaur Mattu

“Put your phone down! The texts and feeds will be there, but the person in front of you may not be” – This is becoming a common concern these days. With the advent of new technologies, the number of people using electronic gadgets has increased. From a toddler to an elderly person, everyone is glued to their devices. In fact, people have multiple gadgets which keep them busy throughout the day. And unknowingly, this is leaving a negative impact on people as their screen time has increased.

This further went up with the sudden onset of the COVID-19 pandemic that forced people to be confined to their homes given the lockdown conditions. And the trend of sharing posts on social media platforms soared. 

However, what people failed to realise is not everything posted online is real. Undoubtedly, electronic gadgets and high speed internet connections have increased our connectivity with the world, but it has largely impacted our ability to empathise, make in-person connections and establish relationships. With people devoting more time to their phones, the question arises: are in-person connections or bondings suffering?

Earlier family members used to sit together and watch television. But it’s rare these days where everyone is watching a movie together. For instance, the child is busy playing a game while the mother is watching a series on Netflix. In the same house, people are not aware of what the other family members are doing. Parents and children have begun to feel more distant and apathetic towards each other.

We need to regulate the time we spend on mobile phones; so that we can enjoy real life. We need to give time to our family and friends and work towards having better bonds with them. We are aware how cell phones have already replaced cameras, calendars, alarm clocks and diaries. So, we must ensure that they don’t replace our bondings with families and friends.

Time has come to switch to real life from reel life!