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From becoming an IPS officer to studying abroad, Class 12 achievers from Apeejay School, Rama Mandi dream to ‘soar high’

Here’s how CBSE Term 1 scholars made their preparation strategy. They share important tips to score big in the examinations.



It is a proud moment for the school, students and parents when academic results are announced. Usually, the atmosphere is full of nervousness, anxiety, excitement and eventually, happiness. Some students are satisfied with their performance, and others promise to work harder and smarter the next time.

Class 12 toppers from Apeejay School, Rama Mandi in Jalandhar, Punjab have high scores and higher dreams. And why not? They are the shining stars of CBSE Class 12 Term 1 examinations. Gurnoor Singh, a Non-Medical topper of the school who secured a whopping 96.36% says, “I mostly planned my studies in the morning because at that time our brain is at its best potential. I took extra-classes at the school and my teachers helped me a lot. One of my subjects is Painting and I used it to its strength because it takes my mind off the hard concepts of other subjects. It has increased my imagination and allowed me to absorb the academic pressure.”

For Eshwarjot Kaur, Non-Medical student who scored 96.23% in the examinations, “Hard work and consistent practice is very important to do well in the papers. That has been my driving force.” Khushpreet Kaur, who secured 95.14% in the same stream, says “I started my preparation with three things – mindset, consistency and self-study. This has worked for me in Term- I. First, one must revise what we have learnt in class the same day. It is crucial. Secondly, it is not about the number of hours you spend studying but how you understand the concepts. So, one must work towards having clarity. Thirdly, take help from teachers and family whenever you are stuck.” Highlighting how she overcame the challenges of understanding concepts online during the Covid-19 pandemic, she says, “One must know that it is self-study and independence that is going to work in the papers. Don’t rely on others’ support and attempt to solve your problems yourself first.”    

Non-Medical student Prayag Bagga, who scored 95.14%, says, “Getting the right sources and books is foremost. Term-I was an objective test, so it was naturally challenging. I felt that the pandemic slowed down our pace to cover the syllabus, so I tried to finish it early by myself. For Term-II, I feel better prepared because I have managed to complete my syllabus in January. My parents have been really supportive during this time and so have been my teachers. Priyanka Ma’am, our Maths teacher, has taught us really well and due to her I scored full marks in the subject.”  

While students from the Non-Medical stream shined at the school, the Commerce department wasn’t far behind. Pihu, Commerce topper of the school securing 95.43% says, “My preparation strategy was all about consistency. I planned each and everything to achieve this score. Each subject needs equal time and attention, but for me, Accountancy was a focus area. I had prepared Business Studies a month before the examinations and the rest of the subjects I prepared daily.”

Kriti, the second Commerce achiever at the school who secured 92.57% in the examinations says, “It wasn’t easy at all. I studied for long hours and did everything on my own.” Her fellow classmate, Rimple Kaur who secured 90.86% in the papers says, “I believe that no external motivation works until a student resolves to do it. For the examinations, my mother and the teachers at school helped me. The school was more than available to guide us in this tough time. As part of my career goal, I want to become an IPS officer after my father who is a policeman. I too want to serve the country like him.”  

The Covid-19 health crisis in India was proof that the country needs more doctors and medical professionals. And so, students from the Medical stream at the school performed well in the examinations. Kiran Preet who scored 88.12% says, “My weak subject has been Physics and so my focus was to cover it well and solve as many numericals as I can. Then, I planned for Chemistry and Biology. My strategy has been to study the lighter subjects such as Painting and English over the weekends to give myself a break. For Term-II, there will be greater challenges and more theory. So, I will start by completing the Biology syllabus first.”  

Jaskaran Singh from the Medical stream who qualified the exam with 86.87% says, “My parents are very happy about my scores but I feel that there is always scope for improvement. I have promised myself to work harder in Term-II.” When asked about his career aspirations, he says, “I am going to Canada next year to pursue a degree in Dentistry. I have applied and planned it with my family.” Sanjoval Kaur who secured 84.37% in the papers says, “My marks could have been better but I am happy. I have realised what my weak subjects are and hence, I would be focusing on them for the next term.”

“Success lies more in the efforts than the result. Being the best is not the most important thing, but doing one’s best is all that matters. Our students of class 12 have defied all odds and with positive thoughts, actions have delivered excellent results in Term I. My best wishes and many congratulations to them!”

-Ms. Sangeeta Nistandra, Principal, Apeejay School, Rama Mandi, Jalandhar

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