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‘My daughter’s confidence, pronunciation and life skills have soared high since joining Apeejay School, Rama Mandi’  

Komal Jyoti, mother of Ishika, a class 3 student, says the school lays emphasis on both academics and co-curricular activities to develop a wide range of skills and attributes important for children.



Komal Jyoti Arora is a homemaker and a former cosmetology instructor while her spouse Amandeep Arora is an independent contractor. They are proud parents of Ishika, a 9-year-old, who has been studying in the school since Nursery. In an interview, Komal explains how Apeejay ensures holistic development of students. Edited excerpts:

What made you pick Apeejay?

My niece who is a year older than Ishika was already studying in Apeejay. So, I had a clear idea about the school and its teachers. I really liked the emphasis given by the school on co-curricular activities. As parents, we understand that apart from boosting inner talents such as leadership and public speaking skills, these activities are critical for producing seasoned students. The school is also just a stone’s throw away from my house. Hence, enrolling Ishika in Apeejay was both obvious and natural.

Take us through the progress made by Ishika since joining the school.

My daughter’s confidence, pronunciation and life skills have soared high since joining Apeejay.This was made possible due to Ishika’s active participation in all extracurricular activities. In fact, the school principal, Ms. Sangeeta Nistandra, has given special focus on co-curricular activities during the pandemic to help students cope with pandemic-related stress, promote peer socialisation and foster creativity. The school also encourages strong parental involvement in activities such as rakhi making, kids fashion show, jewellery making, etc.  The students are also learning the value of sharing and caring through ‘Awakening Citizen Program’ at school. Interesting stories and activities are designed such that students listen, imbibe, and learn by discussion, thinking, and speaking out their minds. They are encouraged to share, care and express themselves. That’s why, for instance, students are taught to respect people from each and every profession. Ishika, like her peers, treats domestic helpers with immense respect and kindness.

Tell us more about the teachers.

Pandemic was a challenging period for everyone including teachers. However, they made a crucial contribution to ensuring continuity of learning and supporting the mental wellbeing of their students. They have displayed immense leadership and innovation to ensure that learning never stops. Being at home for most of time, I have personally seen their commitment and dedication to craft. Even the principal keeps a close watch on what’s being taught in the class. Even with parents, teachers’ share an excellent rapport.

Share with us your most memorable moment.

Ishika was in Nursery and to mark the celebrations for Mother’s Day, the mothers walked the ramp with their children.It was a special moment for me as we were even awarded the prize.It felt great to witness and be part of this celebration where the power of women, especially mothers, is truly appreciated and recognised. During the recently held Annual Day competition, Ishika’s group dance performance was also praised by one and all. The event was also memorable.

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