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Scholar-Journalist of the Week: How my selection as Junior Head Boy was an emotional rollercoaster

This week’s winner, Dhruv H. Malhotra, a class 5 student at Apeejay School, Saket, highlights how experiential writing has the ability to resonate with a lot of people



Dhruv H. Malhotra is a voracious reader. His siblings, Veer and Ria also study at Apeejay School, Saket. Says his mother, Ms. Pooja Malhotra, “The siblings possess a big collection of books at home. They love to read about fantasy, fiction and even Greek mythology. For every occasion – Birthdays or Christmas, they want more and more books. Their latest demand? Is to go to a bookstore post the completion of their examinations and buy a book of their choice.” In an interview, the young scholar Dhruv shares more about his writing. Edited excerpts: 

What was your line of thought behind the piece: ‘How my selection as Junior Head Boy was an emotional rollercoaster?’

While writing the piece, I was only expressing my feelings. I simply penned down my emotions, thoughts and anxieties on paper without thinking what impact it could create.

How is a Junior Head Boy tasked at the school?

Along with the Junior Head Girl, I have to ensure that the school’s rules and regulations are met. We are given important duties at the school’s events and that is how we learn to fulfill tasks in time and do them efficiently.

What has been your learning as a Junior Head Boy of the school?

In this crucial position of responsibility which has been bestowed upon me by the school, I have learnt to coordinate and work with my classmates and juniors. One of the most challenging tasks which were assigned to me was compèring at the school’s Annual Appreciation Day. It took me a while to perfect my speech and pronunciation for the event and the teachers really supported me for it.

You must be preparing to go back to school post Covid-19? Are you excited?

Yes, very much. As a Junior Head Boy, this would be huge for me and I can’t imagine how it would be when I would go back to the school campus.

What kind of books do you read?

Fantasy and adventure books. My favourite author is Enid Blyton. I also love to read Encyclopaedias and nature-related books.

How do you manage your reading time with academics?

I plan it. I usually do my school homework and assignments during the day, so I can read in the evening or at night.

Your writing tip for fellow students?

Be honest about what you are writing. An article will flow naturally if you have experienced what you are penning down. 

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