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Our child’s future is in the right hands, says Gurpreet Kaur about teachers at Apeejay School, Rama Mandi

Gurpreet Kaur (33) is a homemaker while her husband Jagjit Singh Chatha (40) is engaged in the family business of agriculture. Their son Karman Singh Chatha is studying in UKG at Apeejay School, Rama Mandi. In a telephonic interview, she talks about how teachers are inculcating just the right values in their son.



Tell us a little more about your child?
Our son Karman Singh Chatha is seven and is enrolled with Apeejay School, Rama Mandi. He is a very mischievous child and likes to keep busy at home.

As far as academics are concerned, Karman is good at reading and is now making efforts to improve his writing skills as well. 

What was the reason you chose Apeejay for your son over other schools?
Karman’s cousins are already studying at Apeejay. One of the eldest cousins is in Class 12 and is doing very well. The teachers here are really experienced and we also love the fact that Apeejay focuses on holistic development along with academics. The other reason was the convenient location of the school.

How is your son spending his time during the pandemic?

Karman loves to attend his online classes and also likes to spend the rest of the time playing, which is something that he enjoys immensely. Recently we returned to Punjab from a seven-day vacation in Kashmir. Karman really enjoyed the excursion and was reluctant to return from a destination which is located in the lap of nature.

What are the skills that he has picked up from teachers?

From table manners to values, the teachers are inculcating just the right traits in the child. The teaching has not stopped in the pandemic. This is quite impressive. Also, they introduce a lot of interesting activities to keep the student busy, but Karman still finds his way to indulge in a little mischief.

How does he manage his online classes?

He is very comfortable in the online classes, as children these days are really comfortable handling smartphones. So, it wasn’t tough for him to adapt to online classes. He is very punctual for his online classes and the teachers like this.  

“We want our son to continue his studies at Apeejay as we have complete trust in the management.”

 Gurpreet Kaur

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