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‘My teachers at Apeejay Noida played a crucial role in shaping my career journey’

Harsh Shukla, a Technology Analyst at Technology Analyst at IBM, reminisces about his school days – the best phase of his life



Harsh Shukla is an Apeejay Noida alumnus (batch of 2009), working currently as a Technology Analyst at IBM Technology Company. After completing his schooling from Apeejay, Harsh then went on to pursue his B. Tech from Mangalmay Institute of Management and Technology (MIMT), Greater Noida. Between 2016- 18, the Apeejay alumnus pursued his management education from JSS Academy of Technical Education, Noida.  In a short interview, Harsh advises students to not let pressure overtake the joy of learning. Edited excerpts:

Please tell our readers about your current work profile?

We support our client on server production, technical analysis and software application. Basically, we are there to assist IBM clients across the world on the server issues that they face. 

What was the inspiration to join this line of work?

My inspiration was my father. He was a doctor and so initially, I had thought about becoming a doctor like him. But then I thought I could do much better in my current field (laughs). Many of my teachers in the school also inspired me a lot. They had a deep faith that I would do well in life. I wasn’t really very good in studies but they still believed that I would do wonders one day. Now when I see myself in my current position, I feel very grateful.

Let us take you back to school now. What are your best memories from those days?

The annual days, visiting the school auditorium which was immense, the sports days, going to the school swimming pool, having fun in classes – these were all the treasures of school life. The day before the parent teachers meeting, we used to be so scared about our parents meeting the teachers the following day and getting updates about all that we do in class. My batchmates and friends, the lovely class parties we used to have are all the memories we all made. After four years of experience in the corporate sector, I realise that such a time won’t ever come back. School is the best time one can have and school batchmates are the best friends one can make in life.

What advice would you like to give to current students?

I would say don’t take so much pressure about marks, studies and career. You are right now in the learning phase of your career and I tell you every one of you will excel. Don’t take so much pressure about studies and board exams. It’s okay to be serious but do not let pressure overtake you. Be calm, relax and enjoy your life because these are the best days and they will never ever come back. You will realise this once you are in office. 

How did Apeejay Noida help you to become what you are today?

Apeejay Noida has groomed me very well. Wherever I lagged, the school supported me – be it in my academics. This groomed my overall personality while I am still learning and growing professionally. The principal is very good. The faculty always supported me. The best part is that I could always speak to them individually. They would always give time. Some of the teachers were stressed about my career like my own mother. That shows you their level of dedication. My mother felt calm and composed because of the support I got from the school. 

Arijit Roy is a young correspondent at Apeejay Newsroom. He has done his masters in English literature from Delhi University and has a book of poems published by Writers Workshop India. He can be reached at [email protected]