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My Tashkent diary: How determination helped me overcome obstacles



By Anupama Mitra

The recent times have been challenging, to say the least. It’s often said that adversities arrive in hordes and only a few can withstand the same. Fate made me pass through this phase, testing my resolve all the way. The challenges were on the count of my mother’s ill health, unforeseen health-related setbacks, her fragile mental condition, hurdles in my academic life and the need for me to balance our setbacks with the course of life that I have chosen for myself.

At times, hope started receding and pessimism began to grow. The mind used to waver to the point of anxiety and depression. This was coupled with a lingering feeling about why such things were happening only with me. This question sounded very obvious.

Difficulties are a reality, but to overcome them with resolve is also a fact of life. Once faced with hurdles, I needed clarity about my life and about what was happening around. The idea was not to get bogged down by the adversities but to face them and emerge victorious. Thereafter, I decided to be unfazed and started taking those setbacks in my stride.

I took charge of my life in the same manner that I had witnessed my father do. It appeared that I had become the protector of the family, whose welfare was in my hands. I turned into a different individual overnight. I decided to discard despondency and embraced optimism, and that started showing me the way. In fact, as I started resolving problem after problem, a feeling started sinking in: “I can assume control of my life, and be strong again.” This feeling continued to comfort me and I started perceiving our problems as nothing in front of extreme difficulties faced by many around us. The thought struck me that if those people could resolve their problems, why couldn’t I. A sense of purpose and determination started guiding my thoughts and I started listening to my instinct.

Suddenly, the problems appeared to be short-lived and possibilities emerged of their resolution. My capacity to turn things in my favour grew manyfold. I assured my mother that she will be better soon and needed to have faith. I told myself the same thing. One of the key factors in my turnaround was the quiet resolve of my father to tackle difficulties with clarity and vision. I started inculcating these elements and solutions started to emerge. 

When I look back on these troublesome moments and the way I faced them, it gives me a great deal of satisfaction and strength. I was filled with a sense of well-being, control, determination and hope which are crucial to anybody’s life. I gathered my thoughts, planned myself and executed them with conviction. My confidence grew with every passing moment.

Finally, I also attended my mock interview for the Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication from Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Another emotional event that was happening was my father’s farewell event. The preparations for both were taking place simultaneously.  I was once again engulfed with many thoughts – how to crack the interview process amid;  the apprehension whether I will be able to complete the interview properly. Despite the fact that the interview was a mock one, it almost seemed like a real one with all its excitement thrown in. At that point, I calmed myself down, arranged a quiet room with a stable Wi-Fi facility in the hotel and adopted a focused approach to accomplish my task. 

I concentrated on the job and succeeded in finding a way to go through the interview, which, in fact, turned out to be a satisfying, pleasurable and a learning experience. As the uncertainties around me started growing and I went about grappling with the same, the AIMC faculty came to my rescue and showed me the way to tide over the crisis. Assuming a humane face and concerned about our family’s welfare, the faculty provided the much-needed relief to me which helped me address the issue at hand. The clarity of my mind and the will to succeed were on display. Certainly, I had come of age. And yes, this trend is going to continue.