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My first internship experience



It all started when my Professor Sabiha Farhat informed me about an internship opportunity with Editorji Technologies Pvt. Ltd. in Sultanpur, New Delhi, particularly to cover UP elections. This opportunity was very special to me as I was about to cross my first threshold into the world of media.

As I belong to Uttar Pradesh, covering the state Assembly Elections excited me. My first day started with a small interaction with Rohit Vishwakarma, Editor of Hindi desk at Editorji, under whose supervision I worked. He questioned me on my understanding of elections following which he made me familiar with the system on which to work on. On the first day, I was advised to gain an understanding of the  political scenario in each of the constituencies in the state of Uttar Pradesh. At the same time, I also had to read up on and research about Goa’s political status.

The second day was all about working on software. In addition,  I worked on scripts, helped my team in extracting sound bytes and visuals from ANI Live updates. That day I learned how the entire news package  is prepared – right from extracting sound bytes to developing a news story which involves script writing, voice over, visuals and lastly the final editing of the entire piece of news.  

Finally, the day came when election results started coming out. The whole studio was in a rush and so was I. My work was to constantly update the map of the state. I was taking out the results of the winning party of each and every constituency and accordingly filling up the map. 

So when it comes to my experience and learnings – there are an awful lot of things one can learn during an internship. I got the chance to use some new software that I hadn’t encountered before. Another thing that I found beneficial is the improvements made to my analysis skills. I learned how important it is to be prompt and proactive when pursuing a career in journalism. Alongside the career skills, I also established great connections. This internship is a long-lasting memory of life. 

Even though my tenure of internship ended, my long journey in the media sector begins now!

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