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“Moulding Dreams into Reality”



By Akriti Bansal

“It is not a disgrace if the dreams are unfulfilled, but it is, if we have no dreams to dream” 

– Late Dr. Satya Paul 

Baby’s first steps and initial achievements are always heart-warming moments for any parent. Similarly, imparting them quality education is the dream of every parent. Nurturing academic excellence with strong human and moral values is what Apeejay Education Society stands for. I took that first small step and walked inside the grey building of Apeejay School Pitampura, And I feel this moment is worth sharing.

When I think of Apeejay Pitampura, it takes me down the memory lane and makes me feel nostalgic. It was like an encyclopedia for me – providing me with new learnings and experiences every single day.  An educational community where teachers stood behind me felt like my second home. 

It helped me build my personality. There is so much to learn that helped me alter my dreams into reality and finally into a career. I never had a long interaction with the Principal of Apeejay Pitampura, Dr. Dilip Kumar Bedi Sir. But whenever I interacted, the instances were worth remembering. The lessons on success, failure, women empowerment are those I still remember. I won’t patronize, but it is one of the places where problems never existed as the solutions are always around us. I learned to be self-sufficient and represent myself as a leader outside. The doors of opportunity are always wide open, and that time was when I grabbed one and showed my love for theatre to everyone. 

From stage fear to walking on stage with confidence and for the first time acting in front of around 100 students, helped me transform. From being an introvert girl to today a woman with passion and conviction. 

In addition, interactive learning combined with innovative skills and techniques, the teaching here is all about building moral values and conquering the world with our success stories.

And after three years, who knew that once again, I would walk inside the magical world of Apeejay. This time with a vision to be a better version of myself. I joined the Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication in August 2021. I chose to walk on the path of creativity. The sessions began virtually but the mentors were always present for us. From knowledge-packed orientation sessions to talent showcasing virtual events, the album just opened its first page for me. When I finally attended offline classes in October 2021, it once again filled my heart with emotions – this was my first day at AIMC campus.  

It has been just a few months but AIMC has given wings to my imagination. From thinking to planning and finally executing the ideas under the guidance of best mentors, my journey at AIMC has just started.  The tap of opportunity is still open and the box is still empty. Here, I wish to have an astounding year at AIMC and move out and prove that ‘Soaring High Is My Nature’.  

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