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Inspired by Musk and Hawking, JEE achiever wants to explore space, the final frontier

Apeejay Khargar alumnus Harmandeep Singh, who scored 99.54 % in JEE Main 2021, says Musk and Hawking’s role in space exploration is immeasurable



In an interview, the JEE achiever shares his success mantras and his fascination for space exploration.  

Tell us about your study schedule?

I used to attend school lectures in the morning and coaching classes in the evening. Due to the hectic schedule, taking out time for self-study was always a challenge, but with hard work and conviction, I made it possible. I used to self-study for at least two hours a day at night. However, it doesn’t mean I compromised on my sleep. I used to sleep for 6-7 hours daily. This kept me rejuvenated and fresh. I also believe every student should have a study schedule. Every Sunday, I used to make a study plan for the coming week and set targets for myself.  When we set ourselves goals to achieve it gives us direction, focus, and motivation to keep us on the right path until our objectives are met. Short study sessions are also beneficial if you concentrate and don’t lose your focus.

How did you refresh yourself?

The most important aspect of a class 12 student’s life is how much time they spend relaxing after studying. Taking time off studies is as important as giving time to studies. I used to take out time to sketch, talk to my friends and watch movies. It’s a common misconception among IIT aspirants that you have to shun social media to focus on studies, but it’s not practical. The key lies in limiting your social media usage. Social media, if used rightly, refreshes your mind and provides you with exciting study material. Ensuring that you balance study and entertainment will help you stay relaxed and motivated.

According to you, what’s a common mistake made by IIT aspirants?

Not reviewing examination results. Our job is not over after giving an exam. Exams offer a great opportunity to identify weaknesses and correct them. The effort should be to constantly improve and upgrade your skills and that could only happen through honest assessment.  

Tell us about your future plans?

My aim is to secure a seat in one of the IITs. I aspire to be an Aerospace Engineer as I have a fascination for space exploration. I am inspired by SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk and late English theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking. Their contribution to space exploration is immeasurable. I plan to design space exploration probes and missions. The reason being that even though we have discovered so much about space, yet there’s plenty more that’s left to be explored.

“It’s difficult to adhere to a study plan, but I’ve always reminded myself that it’s with discipline that we better ourselves.”

-Harmandeep Singh

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