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‘In-depth research plays a key role in designing interiors’, says Designer and Apeejay alumna

Drishya Sharma is a Design Associate with Asian Paints. In this interview, she shares interesting interior design tips that will make your home look amazing



Alumna of Apeejay Stya University (ASU) Drishya Sharma is living her passion. As much as she loves to decorate her own house, creatively and inexpensively, she does it for her clients as well. She expressed, “I love interior design so much that I can never get bored of it.” When asked what inspired her to choose interior design as a career path, the budding interior designer said, “When I was in class 11, I had Psychology as a subject. I used to give a lot of aptitude tests as well as clerical ability tests. That’s when I figured out my inclination towards learning more about interiors. And hence, I decided to pursue my education in this field.”  

Today, Drishya is working as a Design Associate with Asian Paints advising numerous clients with their interior decoration needs. Read on to know more about her journey as an interior designer and get some quick interior design tips for your house. 

From working with a startup to joining Asian Paints – Please tell us about your professional journey

I started my career in 2018 with a startup called, Urbancrafts. I  worked there for about a year. As it was a startup, I used to be on my toes 24×7. Right from doing cold calling, speaking to different clients, going to the production office to visiting the site, picking the labour from the labour chowk, taking keys from the client as well as getting the project executed on site, I have done it all. I am really glad that I had that bunch of experience right after I graduated from college. I believe we need these sorts of onsite exposure as these add value to a professional’s profile and personality. 

In 2019, I joined Wagma Designs, a interior design firm in Gurgaon, wherein I handled all B2B clients. I have also done web designing and content writing. When I was with Wagma, I was also presented as the face of the company. Another renowned firm I worked with was MADS Interiors.  At MADS Interiors, I was appointed as a Project Manager and I worked on a project worth Rs. 2 crore. Finally in 2021, I joined Asian Paints as Design Associate.

How do you think Apeejay prepared you for your professional journey?

Key takeaways from both Apeejay Institute of Design (AID) and Apeejay Stya University were very different. If I talk about AID, I completed my foundation year from there. In my first year, I learned about so many colours. We used to have sculpting and woodwork classes that helped me understand different kinds of materials for designing. When I moved to ASU, it was altogether a different experience. In ASU, we used to work on many projects and 3D models. I also did my thesis on the ‘Study of Colours’, and that’s helping me today when I am working with Asian Paints. With this knowledge on colour and it’s variations, I can now suggest my clients what colour combinations to opt for while designing their home or office interiors. 

So, what are those basic interior design elements you usually suggest to your clients that can quickly enhance the beauty of any space?

My personal approach when I am catering to any client has always been like: Understand what the client wants,  what are his/her hobbies, what’s their day-to-day routine, what’s their work-life balance, how much time they spend at home. And after gauging all these key aspects, I bring the design elements into the picture. That’s when I suggest to them what kind of materials, colour combinations, furniture to opt for. 

Let’s say, if my client is a working couple, I try to design their space using material that requires low maintenance like laminated furniture. But say, if you have a person to take care of the house, then the client can go for a PU finish furniture as well as panelling on walls. The personal touch comes into picture when you understand what your client’s are looking for.  

What aspects do you consider important when it comes to designing interior for your own home?

When it comes to personalising my own home or space, I spend my money very judiciously. I am very particular in terms of what to buy and what not to buy. I do thorough market research. If I am getting something in Rs 1000, I try to find out if I can get the same thing at a lesser price but with a good life. I feel in-depth and meticulous research plays a key role in designing interiors. 

Tips for picking a perfect colour combination for walls

Sometimes, it’s a blank canvas for you especially when a client has no clue about what kind of furniture they are planning to use. And at that point, if you have to suggest colour combinations for the walls, it’s a tough task. So, the basic idea is if it’s a small space, it’s better to use light shades on the wall and avoid dark colours. If it’s a big room,  you may go for light colours on the wall but complement it with darker furniture. This will balance out the look of the interiors. One can go for walnut wood furniture. Moreover focusing on the sustainability factor,  rattan or cane furniture is in trend these days and people have started including cane furniture in their living rooms. It’s because cane furniture has a property to withstand any kind of weather conditions. If we talk about sheesham wood furniture, no doubt, it’s very good but with time it wears out. You need to maintain it properly and get it polished at regular intervals. 

What about adding a touch of greenery to a home?

Plants enhance the beauty of any space. You can go for Monstera or Snake Plants – they are low maintenance indoor plants. 

Key qualities required to become a great interior designer

– Focus on honing intuitive design skill 

– Be a good listener to your client

Harshita is Assistant Editor at Apeejay newsroom. With experience in both the Media and Public Relations (PR) world, she has worked with Careers360, India Today and Value360 Communications. A learner by nature, she is a foodie, traveller and believes in having a healthy work-life balance.