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‘I found interacting with people phenomenal; so I knew HR was my calling’

Alumna of Apeejay School of Management Preeti Yadav says the institute provided her a platform to unlock her true potential and help her come out of the shell



Preeti Yadav is an alumna of Apeejay School of Management (ASM), Dwarka. She completed her Post Graduate Diploma in Management as part of the 2017-19 batch. She then went on to work in some stellar organisations including the ICICI Bank.  In an informal interview, the former B Com Hons student from Maitreyi College, University of Delhi says, “Working and interacting with people is my passion and I found this calling during my MBA program at ASM”. Read edited excerpts:

How does a day at the office look like?

Everyday I am learning something new. I am trying to make the environment favourable for my organisation’s employees. I do recruitment over here to help people get onboard. That’s my job!

What was the inspiration to join this field of work?

My inspiration is working with people. I love interacting with people and making friends from inside the industry as well as outside of it. My inspiration are my colleagues and my bosses. I try my best to match the work ethic level with them.

Throwback time! Your best memories from ASM days?

It was a really amazing time. At ASM, I discovered myself further – my strengths and weaknesses. I was a very introverted person when I joined the MBA program. But I got a platform where I could explore myself. I gave so many presentations in front of so many people, and worked on projects that I found that I love interacting with people. I think it was in me. It was then that I thought about working in the field of HR. It felt phenomenal. My professors and friends helped me find this calling of mine. I am still in touch with my friends from there. It is good to see them growing.  At ASM, I really made friends for life!

What life lessons would you give to a management student?

Firstly, be yourself. Yes, you must learn how to make strategies. It helps you to differentiate yourself from others. Strategy helps make things easy. The teachers will help you with that. Whatever field you like, be it finance or HR, an MBA helps in your professional development. 

How do you see yourself in the field of HR in the upcoming years?

It feels great. I am happy wherever I am. When I started, I never thought that I would be this successful so early. But touchwood, I am doing good and learning so many things that can qualify me to manage a team of my own one day. 

Arijit Roy is a young correspondent at Apeejay Newsroom. He has done his masters in English literature from Delhi University and has a book of poems published by Writers Workshop India. He can be reached at [email protected].