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‘I chose Apeejay Noida for the holistic education it provides’

Vikram Varma, parent of Apeejay Noida student Lauvik Varma, says he wanted to ensure his younger son gets a similar all-round educational offering as his elder son



Vikram Varma, parent of Apeejay Noida class Nursery student Lauvik Varma, is a technical director at NXP India Pvt. Ltd. In an interview, he shares his reasons for choosing the school and the strides that his son has made at the school. Edited excerpts:

Why did you choose Apeejay Noida over other schools for your child’s admission?

Actually, my elder son, Vinamra Venu Varma had also studied at Apeejay Noida. Whenever I used to go to the school for any cultural activity or parent-teachers meeting, I returned impressed with the attitude of the staff (both teaching and non-teaching).

The school provides holistic education: They don’t focus just on academics but also on extra-curricular activities and skills. Therefore, I was very confident about choosing Apeejay Noida when it came to Lauvik. I wanted to provide him with the same environment.

Could you please tell us about Lauvik and take us through his progress at school?

Lauvik is enjoying his online classes at the moment. He participates in all the activities and is very happy attending classes and interacting with his friends. In one of the recent events at school, he met one of his classmates. He was very enthusiastic about it. He is learning everything very well at school.

 He is a little reserved in terms of expressing himself in the class or with many people around. But he is picking up everything nicely.

His favourite subject at school is Jolly Phonics (phonetics). He enjoys that the most. He also enjoys dancing and singing. He likes outdoor games as well whenever we go out in the park.

Do you think the teachers are engaging well with the students?

Yes, I think they are engaging very well with the students, especially his class teacher. She is doing a wonderful job.

The teaching process is very nice.

What is the best thing about Apeejay Noida?

The best thing I would say is that whenever one visits the school, one feels a sense of respect. You feel that you have come to a place with a very positive environment. The school inculcates these values in the students. This kind of holistic education is the best quality of Apeejay Noida.

What is your perception about the online classes?

It is all good. This is the only option in present circumstances. Of course, a physical classroom is the best but the online classes are going on very nicely as well.

I think the school has decided on a good time limit for the online classes at one and a half hours. This is good enough for a little child. Lauvik is very happy. He is interacting well and is excited to attend the class.

Arijit Roy is a young correspondent at Apeejay Newsroom. He has done his masters in English literature from Delhi University and has a book of poems published by Writers Workshop India. He can be reached at [email protected]

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