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How to overcome fear?



By Angad Thatai

What is fear? The internet defines it as, ‘An unpleasant feeling triggered by the perception of danger, real or imagined.’ But I say that it is nothing but another obstacle in our lives created by our own minds.

Fear is the kind of obstacle that just doesn’t go away. It comes back stronger and better. When we’re younger, we are afraid of ghosts. In due course of time, we overcome that fear. As teens, we start experiencing physical changes. At that time, maybe our biggest fear is about how our body looks. Again, this feeling begins to fade away by the mid-20s.

The point is, fear never leaves us. It always finds a way to come back at every stage of our lives wearing different costumes, having different motives. It’s up to us how we perceive fear. We all feel that we’re tough and we shouldn’t be afraid. Therefore, we try to throw away that fear. When we do that, we start thinking about the different ways we can achieve that feat.

And then, the thinking begins day and night which does nothing but gives the fear more power and more control over us. That’s the key with fear. We should not let it control us.

We must accept every fear we have and embrace it. It’s okay to be nervous or afraid sometimes. When we accept our fear, it becomes a part of us, our identity and who we are. Overtime, we just get so used to it that we don’t even notice it. That’s when it’s not a fear anymore. We just overcame our fear that was subconsciously controlling us. So, all we need to do is to accept it.

Fear is an emotion. It is supposed to come into our lives and go. That doesn’t mean that we should let it stop our growth. Instead, keep it as a memoir, something to laugh at when you’re down. You can always look back and remember how wild your imagination was when you were younger.