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How online shopping is gaining popularity in India after the pandemic



By Pratha Chhatwal 

In the post-Covid era, online shopping has become more popular than ever. There are lifestyle changes among people who feel going to a shop to buy basic stuff like groceries is time-consuming. The online shopping trends were picking up until the Covid-19 happened that simply accelerated this further. During the pandemic-induced lockdown, the online shopping platforms have boomed massively. In fact, as per a survey, it was estimated that in the second quarter of 2021, $222.5 billion was spent on retail e-commerce sales.
For those who are unfamiliar with online shopping, it’s a process wherein consumers can directly buy goods or avail services from the seller without physically going to the shops. Unlike the brick and mortar stores, online shopping platforms are open 24/7 and provide great offers and benefits to the user. Customers can avail complete description about the product or service as well as read the reviews provided by other customers.

A survey was conducted to see how many people shop online and how much they spend monthly. A total of 40 responses were received during the survey in which data regarding their preferences for online shopping was collected. Primary data was collected using a questionnaire on Google form. The questionnaire also included age, gender, and income of the consumer. My questionnaire was answered by 29 females (71%) and 11 males (29%).

The survey findings showed that females between the age group of 20-30 years shop online more than males. In fact, they spend comparatively more money in online shopping than their counterparts. In a month, they spend Rupees 10,000 (approx.) on online purchases. Out of all the categories mentioned in my survey such as groceries, apparel, beauty products, electronics, wellness products – apparel stands at 62.5% and is  the most bought product online, followed by groceries (54.2%). Online apparel shopping is easing the entire process for women. It’s saving their travel time to go to the market and stand in a queue for a trial. At present, a growing number of females are preferring to order clothes online. When customers are shopping online they can also avail exciting offers instantly as well as have the advantage to try and return the product if it doesn’t match up to the choice, thereby giving them a unique online shopping experience.  

However, the flip side to online retail is the quality of product delivered. Since the products are ordered online, one doesn’t always know what the quality of the product will be like. On one side, when online shopping is making lives easier,  it’s also imperative to enhance safe online shopping. It’s because customers share their personal details to place an order as well as card details to make an online payment. Hence, securing and assuring the privacy of the customer becomes the key. The description of the products should be more accurate in order to ensure minimum returns and increased customer satisfaction. Even small towns are fast catching up on online shopping. There is no doubt that a lot is happening in the digitally-driven world with new-age technologies also playing a major role in this transformation. So, if one wishes to become successful as an online grocer, there is manifold scope to flourish!