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How life of a frontline worker changed during pandemic



By Yuvraj Sharma

The pandemic has shown us things we would have never expected. All we could hear was the siren of the ambulance, watching people with face masks and the use of sanitizers on a regular basis.

Dheeraj Gupta, a frontline worker stands and watches the body of warriors, who lost their lives battling through this miserable chronic disease, and they sacrificed their lives to save others. The pandemic was none less than a rollercoaster ride full of ups and downs.

Working as a frontline worker was extremely hard for Dheeraj. It was hard to see the bodies of patients every day, isolated from family and having no happiness in life. But it was his duty, responsibility, and mission to serve the community.

He misses the old days when he used to come back home from a hectic day and drink a cup of masala tea, watch television and sometimes play video games with his son Akshaya. He misses the days when he used to go out with his peers once a month to Timothy’s restaurant. He misses the good old days when his wife Raveena used to make fish curry on Sundays, but this virus took the main happiness from his life.

There are a lot of sacrifices that frontline workers didn’t talk about because they didn’t want to stress their patients. It was very hard for them to go to the same place every day, where he knew he would only experience failure, demotivation and sadness.

While he was busy treating the patients, journalists, pharmacists, community health workers, sanitation workers, police, volunteers, and ambulance drivers were also in the same situation. They were providing their service at the risk of their lives. Journalists were connecting doctors to people and the outside world with timely news. Pharmacists were doing their job by providing medicines and oxygen cylinders. Volunteers and community health workers were playing a significant role during this pandemic by providing food and shelter to the needy.

People have witnessed all good and bad experiences during the pandemic from the shortage of necessities, and food to even toilet paper. Every one of us has seen many ups and downs in our lives.

To conclude, I would like to advise everyone to stay safe and fight every obstacle. Life is unpredictable, so spend some quality time with family, friends and close ones.

Poetic गुफ्तगू – With हुमेरा खान @poetsofDelhi