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From assessments to celebrations: Days of learning and joy at school



By Faraz Ahmad

Reflecting on my experiences at school one of the weeks, I can say that the days were filled with dynamic activities and moments of growth. Monday started with the Internal Speaking Assessment, which I felt went quite well for me. I was pleased with my performance and it gave me a boost of self-confidence. After the assessment, we had a relaxing time in the music room, enjoying the soothing rhythm and harmony. It was a pleasant break for our ears and minds. The rest of the day followed our regular class schedule, giving us a sense of normalcy.

Tuesday brought a completely different experience. We were given the task of preparing and delivering a one-minute speech during our designated time slot. The process of crafting and presenting the speech was both thrilling and engaging. It provided me with an opportunity to showcase my communication skills and effectively express my thoughts. The highlight of the day was the winners’ announcement ceremony, where the suspense was palpable. When the winners were finally revealed, I experienced a rush of excitement and felt a shiver down my spine. It was a truly memorable moment that left a lasting impression. After the ceremony, we returned to our regular classes, appreciating the value of diverse learning experiences and the lessons learned throughout the day.

Wednesday stood out as a day of personal growth. The school organised a session aimed at expanding our vision and perspective on certain topics. We were taught the significance of self-reflection in understanding ourselves, identifying our mistakes, and striving for self-improvement to enhance the quality of our lives. Inspired by the session, all the students, including myself, were encouraged to engage in self-reflection. This exercise required deep thought about how we could raise our standards of living and make positive changes. It was an enlightening experience that reminded me of the power of self-awareness and personal growth.

To end the day on a joyful note, we threw a small party for our seniors who were joining the Diploma Programme. The celebration allowed us to appreciate their achievements and bid them farewell in a light-hearted and enjoyable atmosphere. Throughout the day, we found a balance between learning and fun, making it an incredibly rewarding experience.

In summary, those three days at school were filled with diverse activities that included assessments, presentations, self-reflection, and celebrations. Each day provided unique opportunities for growth, learning, and self-discovery. From the Internal Speaking Assessment that boosted my confidence to the exhilaration of public speaking and the importance of self-reflection, these experiences have shaped my perspective and enriched my understanding.

Furthermore, the celebration for our departing seniors fostered a sense of unity among us. As I reflect on these days, I realise that the combination of academic endeavours and moments of joy has contributed significantly to my personal and educational journey.