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Saloni Sharma has dual careers as a public relations professional and dancer. In an interview, she reveals how she aces both.



When meeting corporate deadlines in a five-day work week becomes weary, Saloni Sharma often finds respite in dance forms such as Jazz Funk, Hip Hop and Waacking over the weekend. And so, it’s fair to say that Saloni likes to be on her toes, quite literally! The 22-year-old juggles between two jobs, one as an Associate Consultant at Archetype India and other as a Professional Dancer and Instructor at Bhaav Dance Company. Pursuing both, she aspires for success in the corporate world while keeping alive her passion for dance. What’s common between these two domains? The ability to express. Read on, edited excerpts from the interview:

Please tell us about your educational journey.

I completed schooling from Apeejay, Pitampura in 2018. After that, I pursued an undergraduate degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies till 2021.

How did you start with two careers?

Since class 12, I have been associated with Bhaav. When I joined college in 2018, I kept on pursuing my hobby. Not only that, I participated in inter-college dance competitions and became an active member of the dance groups in the Delhi circuit. My schedule during college was to attend my morning classes till afternoon, then rehearse in college for inter-college competitions. After the rehearsals, I would go to the dance studio and practice.

Simultaneously, to hone my skills in the field of Journalism and Mass Communication, I interned in some companies as well during Covid-19. In doing so, I realise how much I enjoyed having a hustling life and pursuing both the fields. I didn’t want to give up on either.  

And so, at present, I am working a regular 9-5 job, but over the weekends I teach dance to students as well as perfect my skill.

During Covid-19, how did a dual career help?

When the pandemic hit, I was interning with a magazine. My job was to create content and look into PR activities of the company. After that, I was hired by a Canada-based firm as a Public Relations Coordinator. In that role, I organised online and fundraising events as well as helped them with public outreach.

Simultaneously, I took online dance lessons from home. I felt that Covid-19 should not put me into a shell, and so, I tried to make the best use of the opportunities I had. Dance simply became an outlet for me as it relieved me from the mundane and anxious life of the pandemic.

What is your driving force?

I am chasing after job satisfaction and happiness. Right now, the world is open to so many new roles, domains and opportunities. And so, the spirit to explore them drives me.   

How were school years at Apeejay School, Pitampura?

At school, I participated in extempore competitions, conferences, speeches, and many more events. These groomed me and laid a strong foundation for both my careers. School taught me how to stay curious and grounded, and for that I would like to express my gratitude towards my teachers. They never made me feel that I can’t do it all at the same time. 

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