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Educate Daughters



By Muskan Kohli

Every human is the creation of God. When God never makes any difference between them then why do we humans do so? There are girls and boys who are exposed to gender inequality in their homes and communities every day.

In fact, when it comes to providing education – one of the most important requirements for the holistic development of an individual, there is a bias. There are people who till today prefer to send their sons to schools but hesitate to enroll their daughters. Sometimes, also in schools, many girls receive less support than boys to pursue the studies they choose.  

But how do these people forget that kingdoms are led by kings and kings are born from mother. 

And all must treat a girl child at par with the boys as they are achieving accolades in everything they are doing. There are several examples that girls are well educated as well as working in top positions in global organisations. And they are an inspiration to many.

Therefore, to encourage more and more girls to study and make them shine like a star, it’s important to sensitise others about the same. Girls or women who are educated can take proper care of their children. They will not just become more confident but balance between managing their families and work life really well.

When we educate girls, we educate a whole nation. I am working in an NGO and have come across many girl children possessing great skills. But they are not able to pursue them due to lack of funding. Poverty is another barrier in the path of girls’ education. 

A girl can be a daughter, a wife, and a mother. Through education, a daughter can help her father in his old age, as a wife she can support her husband in every work and as a mother she will be capable to properly guide her children and teach them. There may be many changes in the mentality of people, but I still think there are people who still have orthodox thinking about not making their girls be independent. 

And honestly being a girl, I know the value of being educated because for a good living , education is a must. It is one of the most powerful tools which makes every girl power house of confidence. It is well said by the Norwegian politician Erna Solberg that when you invest in a girl’s education, she feeds herself, her children, her community and her nation. Being a daughter of a rich businessman doesn’t define you, being a wife of a wealthy businessman doesn’t define you, what defines you is YOU and that YOU come from your personality, your education, your independence. It’s because if you are educated you will be independent. 

All in all, every child has the right to education irrespective of their gender. As youth of an independent country, we should support educating more and more girl child campaigns as well as inspire others to join the race.