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Eco-Crusaders Unite: Students champion the cause of clean and green surroundings

Education meets environmental stewardship in a Haryana-based school



In the tapestry of our lives, the surroundings we inhabit play an undeniably pivotal role. Clean, verdant environments are not merely aesthetically pleasing, but they form the bedrock of our physical and mental well-being. The interplay of hygiene and a thriving natural habitat fosters a harmonious ecosystem that is conducive to learning, growth, and overall prosperity. For students, embracing the ethos of clean and green surroundings transcends the realm of personal responsibility; it embodies a collective commitment to safeguarding the planet for future generations. This conscious choice not only nurtures a sense of civic duty but also empowers young minds to become stewards of a sustainable, flourishing world. Through their actions, students stand poised to catalyse a transformative movement, one that champions the enduring beauty and vitality of our shared habitat.

In a resounding tribute to the ideals of Mahatma Gandhi, who ardently believed that cleanliness is indeed akin to godliness, Apeejay School Charkhi Dadri in Haryana embarked on a transformative journey from August 28 to September 13, 2023, as it fervently observed the Swachhta Pakhwada. This commendable initiative sought to instill the virtues of hygiene and sanitation among its students, recognising their pivotal role in steering the nation towards a cleaner, safer future.

The cornerstone of this campaign lay in a week-long cleanliness drive, ingeniously designed to sensitise students to the significance of maintaining a clean environment. Through a multifaceted approach, the young minds were enlightened about the indispensability of daily chores like dusting, sweeping, and mopping within their homes. A conscious effort was made to inculcate the habit of responsible waste disposal, where students were encouraged to deposit papers and wrappers in wastebaskets rather than indiscriminately littering their surroundings.

A fundamental lesson imparted was the imperative to eschew single-use plastics, whose decomposition spans epochs in the natural timeline. A poignant presentation resonated with the nursery and kindergarten classes, articulating the profound environmental impact of plastic pollution, particularly on our oceans and marine life. It elucidated not just the problem, but also offered viable solutions. The rallying cry to bid adieu to plastic bags was underscored, as they endure for millennia, perpetuating harm to our cherished ecosystem.

The ensuing week witnessed a spirited street play performance by class IX, aimed at galvanising their peers against the use of single-use plastics, and championing the 3Rs mantra: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. A special assembly, dedicated to this theme, reverberated with a resounding call for collective action.

Guiding these efforts was the sagacious educator Mrs Ritu Sachdeva, whose adept leadership provided the requisite direction to this commendable undertaking. On the culminating day, a senior student-led presentation and a riveting quiz served as a fitting finale. The students, exuding boundless enthusiasm, took a solemn pledge to uphold cleanliness in their surroundings.

Commenting on the laudable endeavours of the students, Principal Mr Rudrendra Basak underscored the profound link between a clean environment and mental well-being, an essential tenet for a prosperous life. He advocated for a shift towards biodegradable materials, noting their pivotal role in preserving Mother Earth. He implored one and all to shun the ubiquitous plastic bag, championing a collective commitment towards a cleaner, greener world.

In a nation as diverse and densely populated as India, the imperative for hygiene and sanitation resonates on a grand scale. The students, as torchbearers of this noble cause, wield a transformative influence. Their zeal and fervour in embracing the Swachhta Pakhwada is not just commendable; it is a beacon of hope for a cleaner, more sustainable future for the nation. As we heed the call for a pristine environment, let us remember that it is within our power, each day, to make a tangible difference in the world we share. 

Mrini Devnani is a Principal Correspondent and Marketing Coordinator at Newsroom. She covers student achievements, conducts interviews, and contributes content to the website. Previously, she served as a Correspondent specialising in Edu-tech for the India Today Group. Her skill areas extend to Social Media and Digital Marketing. For any inquiries or correspondence, you can reach out to her at [email protected].