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How to develop a growth mindset



By Angad Thatai

Growth mindset is a state of mind where people believe that with the help of their knowledge and intellect they can achieve anything that is  out of their reach.

You have to learn that growth is not about being perfect, but progressing every day. It’s a step-by-step process.

When we say the words, “I know”, we stop learning. Our subconscious mind is processed in such a way that it will believe anything we say. When we use those words, our brain automatically stops learning. Our growth becomes static. So, we must always say “I’m willing to learn more”, and make it our life mantra. When you say that, your brain opens itself for opportunities that help you grow tremendously over time. It shows your willingness to learn more to achieve the ultimate goal.

Failures are a part of the process but make sure you get over it.  After that, question yourself, “Why did you lose?” Try to find the reason behind it. Try to improve the areas where you weren’t good enough. Learning from failure helps you grow. That’s the growth mindset. Put in your best effort to be the best version of yourself.

Growth mindset is all about perseverance. It doesn’t matter how  hard it is to achieve success, you can do it if you believe in yourself and put in the hard work. You have to be tenacious and determined enough to do so.

Acceptance is the key to achieving the appropriate mindset. Always be open to feedback. Accept criticism and embrace your flaws. You must  know that no one is perfect, but the nearest thing to being perfect is being the best version of yourself.

Always try to find things that motivate you to give your best every day. Find inspiration in people that you admire and try to replicate their work ethic.

A growth mindset is all about your desire to learn more and polish your talents and intellect. Achieving that growth mindset is not easy, but with the help of the right resources and people, nothing is impossible.

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