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‘Apeejay teachers were the first one to identify my granddaughter’s dance talent’

Ms. Reena Bhattacharya, grandmother of students, Anshika and Adhiraj shares how Apeejay Svran Global, Faridabad has nourished her grandchildren’s abilities



Retired from Indian Press Service, Ms. Reena Bhattacharya (67) loves to spend time with her grandchildren. Both of them are students of Apeejay Svran Global School in Faridabad, Sector 21-D. Anshika, the elder grandchild, is in class 10 and an accomplished Kathak dancer. She has been an integral part of the school’s Annual Day functions and other cultural events. Her younger brother, Adhiraj, a class 5 student is a talented young learner as well. In an interview, Ms Bhattacharya shares why she feels Apeejay is a great pick for her grandchildren. Edited excerpts: 

Why did you pick Apeejay Svran Global School for your grandchildren?

Apeejay is a respected name in the educational domain. Not only does the school teach family values, good behaviour and discipline to students, its teaching as well as non-teaching staff are consistent with their efforts towards students and parents. I feel it is one of the best in Faridabad.

Have you visited the school? How was the experience?

Yes, I have been there many times. The school ensures to involve grandparents in their events and activities. I have even been honoured by the school as a guest for one of their events. It felt very special!

Did you get a chance to spend more time with your grandchildren during online classes?

Yes. Due to online lessons, grandparents have got the opportunity to be more involved with their grandchildren. I think the school has given its best efforts during that time. In comparison to other schools, Apeejay was far more efficient and humane in their approach. The teachers understood the ups and downs of children and kept on motivating them. I vividly recall one of the sessions with Ms. Ekta, a Hindi teacher of the school.  She taught a simple story in such great detail to the students. In fact, she not only began and finished in the class but also revised the whole lesson with the students. I was overhearing the same at home, and I thought that her teaching methodology was commendable! 

What makes the school so special?

I think my grandchildren are doing well because they have good teachers and a support system at Apeejay. Their talents are encouraged and their skills are nurtured at the school. In fact, Anshika’s dancing skills were first noticed by her teachers. 

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