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Apeejay made the quickest and smoothest transition to online learning compared to other schools: Praveen Bhatia



Praveen Bhatia, a mechanical engineer and South Asia head of Raw Material and Indirect Procurement with Carlsberg India, is a happy parent. In an interview with Apeejay Newsroom, he explains how the highly responsive and cooperative faculty is contributing to the holistic development of his son Tejas, a student of class 4 at Apeejay School, Faridabad.

What made you pick Apeejay School, Faridabad?
There were two reasons. The cut-off age for admissions to pre-school is generally two years. My son was around 25 days short of that while I was looking for his admission. We had shortlisted only two schools for Tejas. Another school I approached was asking me to wait for a year. Moreover, I was strongly inclined towards Apeejay since both the daughters of my elder sister were already enrolled there. They are still studying at Apeejay. Since we are a close-knit family, I thought it would be better if all the three children studied in the same school. I am glad Apeejay, too, displayed tremendous flexibility and we went ahead with the admission to Apeejay Rhythms, Faridabad.

Are you happy with your child’s progress over the years?
From my experience, I can say that the school is very good. Since last year, I have been closely monitoring his online classes as due to pandemic I am working from home. There’s no doubt that the teachers put in a lot of effort.  I strongly believe that the combined efforts of parents and teachers result in the overall development of a child. Tejas has been consistently among the class toppers. He used to have slight hesitancy in performing on stage, but over the years he has overcome his stage-fear.  He is confident in delivering speeches, reciting poems and performing other extra-curricular activities on the stage. He has also bagged numerous prizes.

How was the transition to online learning?
Apeejay made the quickest and the smoothest transition to online learning compared to other schools and this transition was not just limited to academics. Even extracurricular activities such as yoga and music competitions were held online without a hitch. This is simply commendable.  In fact, the school has taken utmost care to ensure that all students feel engaged in the class.

Over the course of your association with Apeejay, are there any moments that touched you deeply?

Yes. There are two moments that stand out. Tejas was in Nursery when he developed an eye problem. I remember how her class teacher Ms. Seema was so concerned about his well-being that she even recommended a good doctor for him. Another instance that really touched my heart happened around two months ago. Tejas is not too fond of writing in Hindi and he seems a little distracted in Hindi classes. So, I messaged her Hindi teacher Ms. Aarti Verma requesting her to look into the matter. Henceforth, Ms. Aarti started asking at least 3-4 questions from him in every class. Tejas become more engaged and proactive.

I feel Apeejay School, Faridabad is a great school because of its faculty. They are very cooperative and understanding. You get a prompt reply whenever you call or message teachers. I have never heard teachers complaining that ‘don’t disturb us after school hours.’

-Praveen Bhatia

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