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Apeejay International student Regina turns innovative for rainwater harvesting

The primary-year learner has developed a practical model of a house which can save water on an everyday basis



Regina Hanif is passionate about conserving water via the method of rainwater harvesting. A primary-year-programme (PYP-3) student at Apeejay School, International, she was astounded to learn in class that out of the 71% water on Earth’s surface, just 1% is available to drink. Since then, Hanif has strived to dig deeper into the problem after which she came up with a practical model of a house which can save water on an everyday basis.

Designed to collect rainwater from the rooftop to store it in a tank, Hanif’s project includes a water filter in the collection pipe to segregate sand, gravel and other material that comes along with rainwater. Understanding that the scarcity of clean water is becoming a cause of concern in the current times, she aspires for every human being to consume clean water.

Through her project, Hanif also learnt how the filtered water can be used for other activities such as washing, cleaning, bathing, cooking etc. She further identified the accurate sources with which water can be conserved.

Her father, Mr. Hanafi, Counsellor for Press and Socio-Cultural Affairs at the Embassy of Indonesia in New Delhi, says, “For her age, she may not fully understand what ‘science’ encompasses but as she listens to her teachers explain science-related concepts, she gets very attentive and interested.”

Apart from academics, the young student is also interested in acting and playing musical instruments such as keyboard and ukulele. Due to her fluency with spoken English, she likes to engage in telling stories.  

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