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An eventful trip to Ooty



By Abhirup Senapati

It was 2 September 2018, the day when my parents decided to take me to Ooty. They informed me just 13 hours before the departure of the flight. I was startled at the news and packed all my useful stuff for the trip. However, we had to deal with my brother’s complaints as he would rather complete his holiday homework first than visit a hill station.

We reached Ooty by noon and my brother instantly regretted his words. This place was truly living up to its name. We had lunch at a nice restaurant and took a power nap. After that, we decided to go for an evening stroll but unfortunately it started raining.

The next day we woke up at 6 am only because of my mother’s threats of throwing cold water on us. But honestly, we all were very excited too. We had a light breakfast and set off with umbrellas in hand, just in case God might get the feeling to dampen the earth today.

We booked a cab and visited various tea plantations, valleys and lakes. The sight was breathtaking and could not be described in words. We had our lunch at another famous restaurant and after finishing the food, we decided to do a zip-line activity. It was lots of fun. My brother, who was particularly afraid of heights, regretted having that extra masala dosa for lunch. He could be seen, green in the face, shaking, buckling up to his line. He was shaking so violently that his zip stopped in the middle of the line and an official had to go and push him. The official, instead of pushing my brother ahead, got stuck too. After a lot of struggle, the problem finally got sorted out, and my brother was half-dragged, and half-carried to our hotel.

We returned back to Mumbai after 2 eventful days unless you count my brother trying to overcome the trauma of zipping on a zip-line as uneventful.