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An endearing encounter in times of Covid



By Diksha Rathore

Tiny stature, innocent face, attentive mind and a friendly hello, masked beneath a shy gaze. That’s how I would sum up my encounter with this little boy in the picture.

Oblivious of the grim realities of the world, this little bundle of cuteness looked lost in his own realm, hovering around his mother, looking like a dainty dream. When the moment came to exchange a word, this small kid had no wrinkles of worry on his face. 

My yellow attire and a masked visage were the key takeaways his little eyes had of me even as the innocence gushing out of his face was ample enough to sweep me off my feet.

I yearn to meet this child full of dreams every day. However it isn’t possible, I know as it’s just one of my wishes swiftly doing the rounds. 

We met solely to exchange a momentary warmth, I understood, we were both just bystanders passing by. We gazed at one another only to realise how distinct the world seems from the respective lenses of our eyes.

Yet, beside all odds, with a crisp greeting, we bid each other a happy goodbye.

When he hugged me tight with his petite arms stretched far and wide, it felt as if he wanted to say:  “Stay”. 

Perhaps, we may meet again some other day!