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A hidden talent



By: Janvi Sharma

Once there was a boy named Rohan. He was introvert by nature and had stage fright. He always wanted to be an anchor in life, but his fear of stage and thoughts of ‘no one will like me’ have always made him feel useless.

With the fear of ‘I cannot achieve fame and will lose respect’, he chooses to always stay in his room and practice anchoring. He never had the courage to showcase his talent even in front of his parents.

One day he was practicing anchoring in his room, and his sister saw him. She was stunned! So she decided to record the same and uploaded it on social media. They both never imagined that the video will get viral and he will be praised a lot.

Everyone liked the video and his parents were very proud of him. Rohan’s fear that he was useless and can never excel in any field was now seeming baseless.

The key learning through this is, one must never be scared before trying. We should try our best and practice to achieve the best.