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A day full of beats, tunes and chords of classical music

On this special day, musical artists Mr. Nilimesh Chakraborty and Shri Arnabhattacharya, filled the ACFA campus with rhythmic vibes



Soulful music captivates listeners. To many, tunes of sitar or guitar, beats of drum, voice of a musical star provides a calmness and comfort. Thus, Apeejay College of Fine Arts (ACFA), Jalandhar, recently organised a musical event for the students of the Department of Performing Arts while providing them with a platform to understand what magic music can create.

The special guests for the evening were musical artists Mr. Nilimesh Chakraborty and Shri Arnabhattacharya. On this auspicious occasion, the music duo performed alap in raga Bairagi, starting with jor alap, set in three taals, and then gave a scintillating rendition of a drut gat song in one taal. The special performance by the guests made the whole atmosphere musical.

Mr Bhattacharya expressed his joy for being present at the college, where music is embedded in every particle. While, Shri Nilimesh said, “Learning music is not a matter of one or two days, but it is a sadhana and it needs consistency, patience and passion.”

Further, the music students put forward many of their queries to both eminent artists, which were answered satisfactorily by both of them.

Congratulating both the music experts, Dr. Neerja Dhingra, Principal of ACFA said, “It is the good fortune of the students of our college that they have got the opportunity to see the art and practice of people who are masters in music.”

Lastly, Dr. Dhingra appreciated the efforts of Dr. Arun Mishra, Cultural Coordinator of the college and Dr. Amita Mishra, Head of Department of Music Vocal for successfully organising this musical program.

Divya is a Correspondent at Apeejay Newsroom. She has a degree of Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication. She was a former sub-editor at News 24. Her passion for writing has always contributed to her professional and personal growth.

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