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‘We are pedalling towards a cleaner and greener India’



By Aarnav Chaudhary and Aanya Chaudhary

We are students of Apeejay School, Model Town in Jalandhar. In this write-up, we want to share our experience about commuting to school on our bicycles every day since we relish this experience the most during our school days.

Our class teacher, Mrs. Maninder Kaur inspired us to start riding bicycles and use it for short distances. She cycles daily as part of her exercise regime. It is so motivating to learn from her!

We feel much energised throughout the day by bringing this small lifestyle change. In school, we are mentally relaxed and stress-free. We feel that it is a great idea that is beneficial not only for our body but the environment as well. The best part? We enjoy the cool morning breeze on our way that is free from pollution.

Due to the humid weather in Jalandhar, these days, it sure is a little troubling to return home from school. We get sweaty. But, we ensure to stay extremely cautious and hydrate ourselves on the way.

With great zeal and enthusiasm, we recommend everyone to try out this activity. We wish to keep our city and the nation clean and green through our small contribution. 

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