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True Meaning of Patriotism: Explained



By Raghav Gupta

“A man is a patriot if his heart beats true to his country”

Patriotism is a frame of mind in which one loves one’s country and is proud of it. It is a vigorous feeling of love, loyalty and support for a county, especially, in defence against its enemies. It means that one should give more value and importance to their nation than to one’s self. It makes an individual feel bound by certain responsibilities, and these are ideological commitments and dedication for the prosperity of one’s nation.

I regret that I have but one life to lose for my country. For me, patriotism is about creating unity among people for a noble cause and training them to tolerate one another. It includes leadership, contribution and the spirit to sacrifice for the country.

We must understand that soldiers across our borders don’t become martyrs in hatred but love. Nations rise and prosper only when its citizens are united by a cord of love, sympathy and sincerity. When people learn to honour the freedom and independence of their country, their natural relationship with the country will develop.

Birds fly towards their nests, children rush to take refuge in the lap of their mothers and human beings move towards their homes to seek peace and shelter. And so, our country is the land that provides us that comfort. It should be nothing short of heavenly. We must attempt to make it beautiful, secure, strong and peaceful because our existence depends on its existence.

In the 21st century, let’s not undermine our relationship and association with our homeland. With disciplined armed forces, hardworking and skilful craftsmen, diligent and committed women, and ambitious students, we have but one aim, i.e. to serve the country. Our personal achievement will benefit not only us but our country.

So, let’s raise the flag of India this year with this true sense of patriotism. Miracles are not beyond us if we are fired with the passion of patriotism. With such magnetic force, let’s overcome our differences.