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Time to vote for ‘No Phone Day’



By Isha Kohli

“Let’s do this”, my inner voice exclaimed. A challenge to myself. I was reading a book when I picked up my mobile phone hearing the notification sound for a message. That was the moment when I decided to spend at least one day without a phone.

Mobile phones and the internet have definitely become a necessity but the addiction to social media, playing games and installing different apps are becoming a threat for people, especially the youth. According to research in the US, 53 per cent of children now own a smartphone at the age of eleven and 95 per cent of teenagers all over the world have their own mobile phones.

Being an 18-year-old college-going student, I thought it would be quite difficult for me to spend one whole day without the use of the internet. But trust me, it wasn’t! 

I spent my entire day reading books, writing, and interacting with my friends during my free time at the college. The best thing I learned from that experience was to read books instead of ‘Googling’. Google has become an easy source of information but the habit of reading books and developing our own ideas is also important and beneficial.

I am not against the usage of mobile phones or the internet as I am a user too. But the addiction to social media and video games is becoming harmful for the teenagers. There is also a life beyond the illusionary ‘Mobile World’ that we as youths need to see and realise.

Getting de-addicted is not that easy but just think how the gadgets have become so important to us that we can’t even imagine a single day without it? Just imagine if people celebrated ‘No Phone Day’ all over the world. How beautiful the world would look! How many people will meet each other and communicate! 

Books can become our best friends during tough times such as the ongoing pandemic. Our hearts will become the best cameras for capturing memories that will last a lifetime.

Come together and find a way,

Let’s celebrate ‘No Phone Day’!