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Thinking is good, not overthinking



By Sukhbir Pathak

Have you ever felt that you want to become like someone whom you admire a lot? It’s a dream, a fantasy, or sometimes may become a goal. You are ready to give all your efforts, but something obstructs you. It overpowers you and you are perplexed. We all have felt this and some of us are perhaps living like this. 

I am referring here to the process of “overthinking.” Well, in simple words, it means when you dwell or worry about the same thought repeatedly. For instance, sometimes people are on your side or are against you. But does it matter? Does it matter if someone speaks wrong about you in front of others? Would you defend yourself or just let it be? To what extent are you willing to go?

It’s no doubt that each of us sometimes tend to overthink or go blank under pressure or in an unwanted condition. In fact, humans remain stuck for a long time without even realising that they are overthinking. 

The idea is how to not get trapped by that ‘well of thoughts’. When I think about it, I personally feel, most of these thoughts are “self-created”. But we fail to realise it because we are so engrossed in our own thoughts. 

In fact, this process of over-thinking can also lead to strong feelings of sadness, stress,  anxiety as well as sleepless nights. Moreover, this may also hamper the overall mental and physical health of an individual. 

Our minds are one of the greatest gifts of God. When your mind gives the power to innovate, random thoughts can affect a person’s ability to think in the right direction and make decisions judiciously. And none of us wish to get stuck in this vicious cycle of more anxiety and continued racing thought. It’s disturbing. 

The best way is to make a conscious effort of not obsessing about problems or random happenings around you. Learning the art of filtering your thoughts is imperative. When you are overthinking, try to distract yourself – take a deep breath, go for a walk, listen to some music. You can also write down your thoughts.

To sum it up, overthinking can become your enemy. So, stop indulging in it right now!