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‘There is a 24/7 spirit for continuous learning at our home’

Dr. Meenu Pandit, mother of Apeejay Svran Global School prodigy Dhruv Pandit, reveals the secret behind her son’s incessant achievements in myriad fields



To put it in a nutshell, Apeejay Svran Global School class 3 student Dhruv Pandit is a prodigy. He has won numerous awards in varied fields and it was only a matter of time that he got felicitated for his achievements. Recently, Dhruv received an appreciation award from the India Book of Records for winning 37 titles in a single academic year (2021-22). In an exclusive interview with the little genius and his mother Dr. Meenu Pandit, the mother-son duo give an insight into what all went towards achieving such an unbelievable feat. Edited excerpts:

Please tell us in detail about Dhruv’s  journey of winning 37 titles in an academic year?

Dr. Meenu Pandit (Mother): We claimed the title for winning the maximum number of awards in a single academic year.  As a class two student, Dhruv has won titles across all categories be it science, language, music, or sports, among others.  Dhruv had won 42 titles in a year but the Indian Book of Records accredited 37 out of them. The titles include various inter-school, inter-state and national level competitions. Be it Olympiads, martial arts tournaments, Abacus competitions or even the Spell Bee event, Dhruv secured ranks in across all categories.  

Dhruv, please tell us which competition is your favourite?

Dhruv Pandit: I enjoyed the academic and music titles a lot. Especially the Science Olympiad, it was very interesting.

What was the secret behind this terrific achievement?

Dr. Meenu Pandit (Mother): The secret is a continuous process of learning. Dhruv is versatile. He likes everything apart from eating (laughs). He tries to excel in everything and actively tries to learn new things. Wherever he comes across some concept, he reads about it. For example,say, a science experiment – he then plays it on YouTube and tries to read scientific reasons behind the same on the internet. 

How did Apeejay Svran Global help Dhruv in his achievements?

Dr. Meenu Pandit (Mother): For the Science Olympiad Foundation, Neeru ma’am held classes in school for all students, two months prior to the exam. Apeejay Svran Global helped him as well as encouraged him a lot to give his best. He secured 17th rank in the International Science Olympiad. The school nominates him in so many inter school competitions, be it the declamation contest or the Techno-conference.

How do you feel about your son’s achievements as a mother?

Dr. Meenu Pandit (Mother): This is just the beginning for him. Well, it is about genes, I think. Dhruv has got the best from everyone in his family. No one at our home sits idle, neither we the parents nor Dhruv. There is a continuous process of learning. If we are reading something, Dhruv also reads something. If we are listening to music, Dhruv also plays something on his keyboard. There is a continuous learning process throughout the year at our home.

What are Dhruv’s future targets?

Dr. Meenu Pandit (Mother): There is a Faridabad Has Got Talent hunt show. The dates for the same will be declared soon. Dhruv will be singing a song and will also play the same on his keyboard at the same time.

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