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The virtues of leadership



By Vipul Mittal

“As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.” – Bill Gates

To achieve our goals and fulfil our responsibilities, we need to focus our energies into the task at hand. To reap the benefits of teamwork, we require organised effort which is only possible with the guidance of a leader. A leader who has the ability to empower, motivate and communicate effectively with his teammates. A leader should be a confident person, one who strives to improve continuously. Such a person inspires others.

Honesty and integrity should be the core values of a good leader. A leader must be well-versed in his/her domain, only then will they be able to guide others. A leader must always remain focused and disciplined. S/he must aim to set meaningful goals and must also have the spirit to achieve them.

Leadership is not merely a position of power but also a responsibility that requires constant vigilance.

A leader must believe in his/her team. The leader must have a firm belief in his/her core values and must never be resistant to change. Courageousness in the face of adversities is the litmus test of leader’s character.

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, many schools have made education digital. This has created opportunities which are accessible to students nation-wide. Various events such as the Model United Nations (MUN) have become digitised as well. The MUN conference is a simulation of the United Nations conference, providing the students with an opportunity to learn diplomacy, teamwork and international relations in order to hone their leadership and communication skills.  Such events assist students in building their careers. Any student with access to a device and internet can participate in these events.

I would like to give an example of an ideal leader, one from whom we all should draw inspiration from. He is our beloved Founder-Chairman, Dr. Stya Paul.
Dr.Stya Paul is an eminent industrialist, educationist and a philanthropist. He suffered from physical challenges because of polio at a very early age in his life. However, due to his relentless spirit, he overcame the challenge and surged ahead to serve his nation. Rising from the humblest of beginnings, he became one of the most respected men in the nation.

Dr. Stya Paul, by virtue of his strong will power, calibre, dedication and leadership qualities occupied a pivotal position in his community throughout his career. He served as the President of the Engineering Association of India, the Federation of Engineering Industries of India and the Northern India Chamber of Commerce. He also played key roles in the Rotary clubs of Jalandhar and Delhi. He served for several years as Chairman of the Handicapped Committee of the Rotary Club of Delhi Midtown.
On September 7, 2005, the prestigious ‘Udyog Ratna’ award was conferred on Dr. Stya Paul by the Government of Punjab for his remarkable contribution to industry and education.
This life-journey of Dr. Stya Paul demonstrates his magnificent ability to lead and inspire others to be better versions of themselves. In my humble opinion, he is a true leader and I salute his immense heart.