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‘The principal of this school is extremely cordial’

The mother of a student at Apeejay School, Saket says that her son has made tremendous progress since joining this school



What does a girl, who is enamoured with the school where she had gone to give her class X Board exam do? She waits till she gets married and does everything in her power to ensure that her daughter, who is now in class IX at Kendriya Vidyalaya, gets admission at Apeejay School, Saket. Unfortunately, this didn’t materialise even though this mother tried for two consecutive years. But then luck turned in her favour when her son was born.

“When it was time for Sidharth’s admission, I applied again at Apeejay School, Saket and this time, I was lucky – he got admission. He has now gone to class I and is doing well in the school. I am amazed at the knowledge that he has for his age. And I have to thank his teachers for this,” Renu Rana said, who is working with the shipping line cargo.

Excerpts from the interview.

How and why did you choose Apeejay?

As I mentioned, I had gone to this school to take my class X Board exams. I was so thrilled to see the building and the classrooms; the building was so nice and inviting. I made up my mind then and there that if I ever got married and had kids, this is where they would study. But it didn’t happen with my elder two daughters. My son made my dream come true. I am so happy he is at the school.

Also, I had heard that the teachers are excellent and Apeejay has brand value. It was natural for my husband and me to choose this school.

How was your son’s result?

I am very happy with it. He has now gone to class I. He has gained so much knowledge here that it is amazing. There are so many things that he knows and we are not the ones who taught him this – it is his teachers. There are times when he leaves us with our mouths hanging open with the information that he has.

How has his learning curve been?

When my son got admission, the COVID-19 pandemic had just hit – classes were being conducted online. But Sidharth got admission late in the year – July 2020. I was very apprehensive about how he would catch up with the class. But his teacher Lakshmi ma’am was excellent. Even though the classes were being held online, he enjoyed learning. His speaking skills have improved and he knows a lot more than most kids his age.

The best part of this school is that the school principal is very cordial. On day one, when the classes went offline, he greeted all the kids at the gate; I have never seen this with any other school; he is truly amazing

Renu Rana, Mother of Student at Apeejay School, Saket

How is his interaction with the teachers?

He has bonded with them. Now that he has gone to class I, he will probably take time to be comfortable around them. He has a great bond with Manisha ma’am as well. This is helping him learn better and participate in different events and activities organised by the school.

Does he like to participate in co-curricular activities?

Absolutely. He participates in all of them. Recently, the school celebrated Mother’s Day – it was such an emotional day for me and enjoyed the event.

Do you get regular feedback from the teachers?

Yes. I also attend all the parent-teacher meetings that are held from time to time. The teacher is very thorough with her feedback. She lets us know the progress my son has made among other things. If we have a query, these are addressed as well.

You are working. How do you spend quality time with him?

I have two daughters. One is in first-year of college and the other is in class IX. Between her and my daughter in class IX, they manage. Once I am back, I take over. During the weekends, he has Taekwondo classes and I take him. There is a park nearby, where we spend time together. Last year, he learnt how to skate.

Would you recommend Apeejay to others?

Definitely. I do this all the time. The best part is that the school principal is very cordial. He greeted the kids at the gate when the classes went offline on day one; I have never seen this with any other school; he is truly amazing. He is always smiling and this is so inviting especially for toddlers who are going to the school for the first time. Also, my cousin’s son and my sister’s son study here as well. I was the one who had submitted their applications at this school. I always tell parents whose child is in another school how amazing Apeejay is.

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