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Talent Treasure

‘Spread your wings’: Poem by Guneev Kaur, Apeejay School, Mahavir Marg, Jalandhar



They call it an open space, 

The one bound by numerous race

To care for but not so

Because there is nothing except to go. 

Destiny being the word, 

The adaption to the odyssey; the ultimate work.  

A step, another one and many therein, 

All to head up and yearn. 

The window opens up the bird’s sight,

Its perseverance to conquer the might. 

Yet again an inspiration, 

To a firm precision. 

Open your wings,

For it’s the time to sing

To tell and yell, 

Who you are to the nearby cell

The stars are ever yours

There isn’t a particular so-called time – ‘allure’. 

Today being one

Yes! Gear up to be called ‘won’. 

That goal in mind, 

And a core to find. 

Everything’s already clear, 

There’s nothing to be scared

My friend, spread your wings! 

It’s high time and I do hear that ring. 

It’s definitely about growing and thriving, 

For no ‘no obstacles’ can make an Aristotle in the string! 

Guneev Kaur

Class: 11-A

Apeejay School Mahavir Marg