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The Art of Man-making: ‘Human values define a person’

The idea behind the Dr Stya Paul Award for Human Values is to be true to yourself



Today’s generation is no longer satisfied with scoring over 95 per cent marks. They need to go beyond the realms of what is considered to be normal. For a select few, the values that they inculcate as they progress in life are part and parcel of who they are. They define themselves with these traits rather than the percentage scored.

Meet one such student of Apeejay School, Panchsheel Park – Krrish Agarwal who has been conferred with the prestigious Dr Stya Paul for Human Values. The award is given to students every year to students who exhibit a deep sense of human values and a high level of integrity in his/her behaviour and conduct.

In a candid interview, the class XII student talks about what human values mean to him.

Tell us about yourself.

At present, I am in class XII. I have taken up non-medical course – Physic, Chemistry, and Math. I have taken up these subjects because I want to pursue Computer Science. I believe that I have the traits that will make me a good fit in this sector.

When and how did you win the award?

I was given this coveted award when I was in class XI. And yes, before I was nominated for the award, I had heard about them since I had been nominated earlier as well. The process for the award is simple. The teacher selects the names based on a criteria that is not told.  Once the name has been nominated, there is a test where you have to answer a few questions. Once you clear this, you go for a face-to-face interview with the principal and a few more people from Apeejay Education.

Does this award need preparation?

Not at all. Probably that is why the students are asked to immediately go and take the test once their name has been nominated. The idea behind the award is that you have to be true to yourself. The answers that you give need to be organic. So, there can’t be any preparations.

Honesty is one of the biggest human values. If you are not honest and disciplined, there is no way that you can move ahead in life; you won’t be able to sustain yourself in the long run

Krrish Agarwal, Class XII Student, Apeejay School, Panchsheel Park

What do human values mean to you?

These are values that complete a person; they define a person. Every individual needs to exhibit values like honesty, discipline, kindness, and empathy.

Is it tough to live by these values?

Not really. This is because Apeejay also teaches us these values. The teachers tell us the importance of living by these values and how they help us become better citizens.

Teachers who have inculcated these values in you.

Over the years, there have been several mentors who have guided me. Every teacher does his/her best to give you values that a student should imbibe.

What role have your parents played?

They are a person’s first teachers. They have helped me to become the person that I am today. They have inculcated good values in me and have always told me to be a good person and be honest in my dealings. I have an older brother as well. He too has helped me the person that I am.

How do human values help in the future?

Honesty is one of the biggest human values. If you are not honest and disciplined, there is no way that you can move ahead in life; you won’t be able to sustain yourself in the long run. We all know that the true traits of a leader are to be disciplined and honest in dealings.

Why do you think you were selected?

I am the go-to guy in the class. I try and help those around me – be it related to studies or any other personal problems. While most of it is academic, when it comes to friends, it can also mean talking about personal matters. Also, till last year, I was part of the Interact Club and participated in the initiative they undertook. But now, it is not possible since it is the Board exam year.

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