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Teacher’s Day Special: Thank you for making us learn!



By Shruvi Karande

‘Ugh!’ I groaned. Another Monday morning! I hate when the weekend ends and I have to go to school again. I despised waking up early in the morning and getting dressed.

But I thought during the online schooling, there will be one advantage. We could wear anything we want for the online classes. However, unfortunately, that too wasn’t a privilege we could enjoy.

And Oh! Mid-terms were going to start. Our teachers will surely be going to run us through the revisions now, I thought.

These are some of our constant complaints. More often than not, that’s all we see. The Covid-19 pandemic made everything difficult. If by some miracle we felt optimistic, that too, was soon crushed. It seemed as if we studied and studied and studied, and a never-ending series of homework was piled on us.

But what we students indeed never see is the teacher’s motive. We know that s/he means well and want to see us excel. But how many times do we remember this fact when we complain?

Online classes have been a roller coaster for both the teachers and the students. We knew next to nothing about the online platforms. I remember how it took me about two weeks to realise that the microphone of my laptop wasn’t working. Gradually, these hitches were ironed out.

At first, we lost all hope to participate in the extra-curricular activities. But then, we completed several Youth Parliament sessions online, an online inter-house Heritage quiz, senior debate competition and an in-depth analysis of Indian politics. And other extracurriculars were also available for us. All this was made possible due to the efforts of our teachers.

Just imagine, how boring would it be to just listen and keep jotting down notes. Most of us would have simply zoned out and this would have affected our marks. But studying was made interactive for us by our teachers during the online sessions. They put in so much effort to make presentations, quizzes and fun assignments.

I am sure that doing it all so smoothly must have been a herculean task for them. But the challenges never stopped them; it’s because they have been determined to make us learn the concepts properly.

For this and everything else, I wish to thank you teachers! You boosted our morale in difficult times and came to our aid whenever we felt stuck. Thank you for guiding us even from a distance and considering us as your own.

Happy Teacher’s Day!!

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