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‘Study these 6 topics to score well in the class 12 Accountancy Board exam’

Jyotsna Madan, HoD Commerce & Senior Section In-charge at Apeejay School Panchsheel Park, suggests to answer questions in reverse order – from high mark questions to lower marks



Mention the name Accountancy and most students will shudder in their shoes. This is because to understand the subject, students must have in-depth knowledge of general, specific, and industry topics and these include financial accounting, auditing, tax, business law, and technology.

However, most teachers will tell you that with the right planning, a student can easily score around 95 per cent marks in the Board exams. According to Jyotsna Madan, HoD Commerce & Senior Section In-charge at Apeejay School, Panchsheel Park, this year, a lot of students have been facing issues concerning the exam.

“After two years, the children are back in schools in an offline mode. To be apprehensive about the Board exams, especially Accountancy will be commonly seen in children. But there is no need for such students to panic. By studying a few important topics, they can easily score around 60 marks in the exam that is slated for March 31, 2023,” Madan said and recommends that the students can create a strategy since there is still time.

Here’s what to do

1. Read the question paper very carefully. There have been times when the students have given a wrong answer to the question even when they knew the correct one.

2. Spend the time given to read the question paper and tick mark the questions one wants to do since there are some questions where there are options.

3. There are five days between Business Studies and Accountancy exams. Spend this time attempting mock question papers and get the same checked by the school subject teacher.

4. Solve these papers only between 10:30 am to 1:30 pm to get a real-time feel of the Boards; keep a stopwatch. Most students attempt the paper at night and don’t stick to the time limit. This is a strict no-no. At night a student’s concentration is the best, solving the mock paper then will not serve the purpose.

5. Always attempt the questions that carry maximum marks first – reverse order – from high mark questions to lower marks. The accountancy paper is a bit lengthy and each question requires calculations. Students should not waste time on one-markers; these should be left for the end. Even if the child is unable to complete the paper, he/she will only lose one-marker questions rather than 6.

“Since the format of the question has changed – MCQs have increased and the weightage to some of the questions has been reduced to 6 marks from 8 earlier. Now, the paper will have 6, 3, and 4-marker questions in addition to the 20 MCQs. There are two parts; part A has questions from Accounting for Partnership Firms and Companies; this section will have 16 MCQs. Part B has questions from the Analysis of Financial Statements; this section will have 4 MCQs,” Madan said.

She added that part A which is for 60 marks has 16 MCQs, four questions for 3 marks each, two questions for 4 marks, and four questions for 6 marks each. Part B is for 20 marks; it has 4 MCQs, one 6-mark question, one 4-mark question, and two 3-mark questions.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has divided Accountancy into parts this year – Accounting for Partnership Firms and Companies has to be compulsorily studied by all students.

“Then there is another book that the students have to study from. Here the CBSE has given two options. Either the student can take up Analysis of Financial Statements or Computerised Accounting. At Apeejay we teach Analysis of Financial Statements,” Madan explained.

Topics to study

A. Always prepare the topic on Cash Flow Statement.

B. Understand the fundamentals of the Admission of a Partner. There is always a question for 10 marks from this chapter.

C. Read the topic – Fundamentals. There is a sure-shot question of 10-12 marks from here.

D. The paper will also have 6-8 mark questions from Accounting for Debentures.

E. There is a question on the Balance Sheet of Company Accounts.

F. The question paper also has questions from Accounting for Share Capital.

If the student manages to master these six topics, he/she is bound to score 50-plus marks out of 80 very easily. Of all these topics, barring the topic on shares, everything else is easy to grasp, and if the student has been attentive in class during the entire session, he/she will not have any problems,” Madan said in conclusion.

“Understand the fundamentals of the Admission of a Partner. There is always a question for 10 marks from this chapter”

Jyotsna Madan, HoD Commerce & Senior Section In-charge at Apeejay School, Panchsheel Park

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