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Short story: The magical apple



By Ananya Ambrit

Long ago, in the busy town of Blossom, there lived a little girl named Flora. She resided in a cosy cottage near the hill. Flora would pick fruits and flowers from the trees of the hill and sell them.

Whenever she would go to the town, the children would make fun of her. Nobody would talk to her and so, Flora had no friends. She lived alone and often felt lonely. But, Flora loved an apple tree very much. It always had juicy, round and mouth-watering apples on it.

She used to climb its branches, sit under it and enjoy the beautiful sunset. She often painted pretty pictures of the tree. Everything was going well.

One day a boy named Tom teased Flora as she was going to deliver an order of oranges. He ate all the fruits and also ruined the flowers she carried. Flora was disappointed. She ran to her beloved tree and sat crying there for hours. Unknown to her, there was a tiny fairy named Lip who lived on the tree.

Lip felt pity for Flora and decided to help her. She threw the magical apple on the green and lush grass. Seeing the apple, Flora stopped crying and took a bite of the apple. It was the most delicious, tasty and delightful apple she had ever eaten.

Wow! This apple is so yummy! Flora thought and was elated. As she ate it and was going home, she thought Tom should be punished for eating the fruits and ruining the flowers. Suddenly, at the same time, Tom toppled over while playing football with his friends! “Ouch!” Tom shouted. His peers immediately took care of him. The next day, Flora went to the town where she met Tom. He was on his bed. Tom apologised to Flora. She immediately realised that this was all because of that ‘magical apple.’ So, she forgave Tom and they both became good friends.