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Short story: The Albert-Adam case



By Abbas Hasnain

Albert Smith was an employee at NFH, one of the biggest companies in the entire world. He was a very hard-working employee and was often awarded accolades and bestowed with promotions. He enjoyed a lavish lifestyle. He was respected amongst colleagues, had a loving family and support of friends. He had no worries in life and continued his stride of success and excellence.

During his fifth year at the company, Albert met Adam Wills, an expert at Cyber information services. He was hired by NFH as a Director. Adam was as witty as Albert and both of them soon became competitors. While Albert continued working in the same way he used to, without any bitterness to Adam, Adam began working with just one motive: to overcome Albert and become the most popular employee. Thus, the phrase “Battle of the Best” became popular among their co-workers.

A few months later, Albert took a holiday for two weeks to spend time with his family. After he left, Adam thought that this was his best chance to defame Albert and gain sympathy from other employees. So, he started to incite others against Albert, claiming that Albert had betrayed him earlier when both of them were trying to get a job at NFH. He convinced everyone against him and even filed a plea for firing him. However, the board of the company rejected his plea. But, they ordered an inquiry into the allegations.

When Albert returned, his co-workers Sam and David told him about all the accusations. Albert was shocked beyond words and immediately rushed to meet the members of the board in the company. They informed him that the allegations were serious and it needed to be investigated. Post this, the decision whether he is guilty or not will be taken.

Albert left in rage and marched up to Adam. Upon seeing him, he flung himself upon him. Thus, a terrible brawl began. Both attacked each other and the situation went out of control. Security guards were called to push them away.

Stephen Johnson, the Director of the company suspended both of them. The inquiry committee began its probe into the feud. They listened to both sides and witnesses were interrogated. Their office cabins were searched. Adam, knowing he would be found guilty, came up with a decoy. He put some bottles of life-threatening drugs in Albert’s cabin. When they were recovered from Albert’s belongings, he was questioned. Astonished, Albert claimed he did not put it there. The committee then gave its final verdict and pronounced Albert guilty.

After this decision, Albert was fired from the company and asked to pay $10,000 for the mental and physical harassment caused to Adam. He went to the police and filed a complaint against Albert.

The police reached the office to inquire but when they saw life threatening drugs that were recovered from his cabin, they sentenced him to 5 years of jail. During this time, Albert’s family was continuously tortured. Meanwhile Albert continued to fight for himself. After three years of struggle, he was finally released.

After coming out of the prison, he went straight to a lawyer and filed a case against Adam and NFH for false implications, mental and physical harassment. The case came to be known as “The Albert-Adam Case.” The media began to follow and report it.

The court proceedings began as Adam’s lawyer accused Albert of attempt to murder and false charges. He claimed that the life-threatening drugs present in his cabin were enough to prove him guilty. Albert’s lawyer defended it by stating that Adam had put up a false decoy to defame his client.

The case continued for 5 month with different witnesses and evidence being brought to the courtroom. By that time, Adam had better chances to win. A very pale and disheartened Albert spent his days in gloom and darkness wondering what fate had in store for him. He had lost hope that he could win the case. Moreover, the humiliation caused to him was impacting him. He confined himself to the four walls of his home, awaiting the inevitable.

During that time, David and Sam came to his home. He burst into tears seeing them and began talking about his innocence. So, they both decided to fight his case. On the day of the final hearing, both of them came to the courtroom.

When the hearing began, Sam and David became witnesses. A peon at NFH was called who had by chance seen Adam putting drugs in Albert’s cabin. The peon confirmed that the packets were bought by Adam.

After hearing this, the courtroom was stunned. No one could utter a word. Adam was dead silent and Albert managed a smile. The judge then announced the decision, pronouncing Adam guilty. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison and Albert was acquitted.

The moral of the story? Truth always wins.