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Short story: Don’t trust anyone blindly



By Abdullah Shahid

Once upon a time, there was an old lion in the big jungle of Sundarbans. He had become so weak that now he was not able to kill his prey and fill his stomach to survive. The lion thought that if he stayed without food, then he would starve to death.                 

While he was thinking, he saw a deer roaming in the big jungle enjoying fresh green grass and clear drinking water. The lion was about to attack him but then he realised that he would eventually fail. He didn’t even have the energy to walk further. So, he decided to become friends with the deer. Under the garb of friendship, he could lure him and then attack him.

So, he slowly started moving towards the deer. As soon as the deer saw him, he became alert and was about to run. Then the lion said in a trembling voice, “Oh My friend! I am not here to provide you any harm. Rather I myself have become injured. Please could you help me drink water…? I am very thirsty.”

The deer paused for a few seconds and stared at him. He asked, “How can such a fragile animal like me help the great king of the jungle? Why have you not killed me?” To which the clever lion smiled and replied, more than food, I am in search of a good loyal friend. I am injured and there’s no one who can help. I would return the favour as soon as I am fit and fine.”

The deer agreed and decided to help him. They stood together with each other and at night the deer took him to his home. He provided the lion shelter and introduced him to his family.

The deer’s wife and his small fawn got scared. They looked at him with eyes full of questions. The deer then convinced his family and made them understand that the lion was injured and required help.  And so, the kind deer and his family took care of the lion.

The next day, the deer had gone to meet his natives. He was supposed to return in a day or two. On that dark night, the lion said to himself, “Oh god! I am fed up with eating these green grasses. It doesn’t provide me with energy. I am hungry and I want flesh.”

He then slowly moved to the shelter. He held the small fawn on his neck and moved towards the bushes. He filled his stomach, came back and slept. Next morning, the deer’s wife came screaming and crying “My baby is missing! Oh god, where has he gone?” The wife came towards the lion to ask and as soon as she did that, he attacked her.

In the evening when the deer returned, he saw blood all over his house. He enquired the lion and asked him, “Friend where is everyone and what is this blood?”

The lion said “You seem very worried. I think this is the time to make you visit your family.” The lion then jumped onto the deer and the poor deer lost his family and his life.

The moral of the story is: “We should never trust anyone blindly.”