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Short story: Close shave with a monster  



By Ashita Kashyap

My name is Gracelyn. Today, I’m going to share a real-life incident. Once I and my friends Isabelle and Mirabelle planned a girls’ night out. I put up a camp and bonfire in my home backyard but my friends suggested that we should go to a nearby forest. I hesitated but later agreed.

And so, we went there. On our way, we heard some scratching sounds emerging from behind a bush. We were in a playful mood, so we started throwing stones at it. What we saw next, turned us all pale-white. A monster with human blood dripping from its nails! He was like an animal standing on two-feet. His eyes were red in anger.

We ran as fast as we could and somehow reached home and laid down our tent. We could not talk to each other for some time. Then, we heard some metal noises from outside the house.

As we peered through the window, we saw that the Monster was hitting my house gate with a metal rod. We then woke up my parents and told them everything. They did not believe us. When they checked there, they saw no one near the gate.

After that incident my friends never came to my house. I never went back to that forest. Who was he? Where did he come from? What happened to us?