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Samar Bhatia, a student at Apeejay School, Model Town, Jalandhar is already a full-stack developer at 12



At an age when most children are juggling between home-work and tuition, Samar Bhatia, a class 7 student at Apeejay School, Model Town in Jalandhar, has designed and developed original games, apps and websites. A certified full-stack developer who has taken 144 advanced classes, delivered six projects on app building, website development, games and blogs, and learnt six computer languages including Python, HTML, CSS, to name a few, Samar identifies himself as a young technologist.

Inspired by his parents, Samar began learning about gaming and website development at the age of 10. His interest in the field was sparked as early as in Upper Kindergarten (UKG) when he received the title of a Budding Scientist for a project related to space at the Apeejay School, Model Town, Science Fair. Since then, he began dreaming about making triple AAA games for consoles.

His mother, Shikha Bhatia was quick to identify his talent and stumbled upon an online course in 2019 about coding at a popular platform that offers coding and math lessons. She says, “I found the learnings relevant for my son, Samar, and we took a demo class to see if he grows keener about learning programming. Often, we see him busy reading encyclopedias and books. He likes to keep himself up-to-date with information and articles, especially the ones published by NASA.”

Samar also enjoys attending hack-a-thons and quizzes regularly. He has taken part in quizzes with NASA, where he got an opportunity to speak with astronaut Scott Kelly. His idea on developing a health-appat the Silicon Valley Competition held in 2020 organised by Microsoft got him a chance to visit California. However, his travel plans were stalled owing to Covid-19. At present, Samar is pursuing a degree in Junior Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from Clever Harvey, an institute in Maharashtra. “I am also working on a project for Infinity motors to update their website,” he says. 

His mother, Shikha Bhatia, is a proud parent who wants her son to create something big and different. “At 12, Samar had his app developed and published, and the school has supported us in this endeavour. Apeejay has a big role in my child’s growth and knowledge. The teachers and principal are very supportive. I have found it to be the best choice I have made for my child.” 

 “I am currently working on a project for Infinity motors to update their website.”

-Samar bhatia, student, Apeejay School, Model Town, jalandhar

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