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Policeman or Murderer



By: Himansh Gambhir

Once there were two best friends Jai and Kartik who met at their high school. Jai opted for arts as he wanted to become a policeman, whereas Kartik opted for commerce as he was planning to take over his father’s business. After completing their higher studies they parted ways.

After 4 years, Kartik became a successful business tycoon with many competitors in the market. One day he went to a party and saw Jai. They talked for a while and suddenly Jai asked, “Now you are a successful business tycoon but I am financially weak. Can you please help me with lending some money?” Kartik said, “Look! Who is successful now, and who is rich? You are still poor and look at me the world knows me. I don’t have enough money to distribute to such people.”  Jai felt embarrassed at the party and said, “I will break your pride and will compel you to beg in front of me.” Jai came back to his home and decided to take revenge from Kartik.

Jai came to know that Kartik loves his brother Zane the most in the world. He revengefully said, “I will take my revenge by murdering Zane.”

After a week, Kartik was returning from his tour and saw people gathered. He went there and saw his brother lying dead. He went to the police station and begged in front of Jai and said, “Please find the murderer, he murdered my brother.” Jai felt relieved at that moment and said, “Yes, yes we will find the murderer as soon as possible.”

A month passed but Kartik found no clue about the murderer. He went to Jai and said, “A month has passed and you have still not found the murderer,” to which Jai replied, “We are trying our best.”

Kartik got angry and went to the senior officer and complained about Jai that he is looking over his brother’s murder case and haven’t found the murderer yet. He warned the senior inspector to take this case seriously or else he will go to the Supreme Court.

The officer got surprised and replied, “No sir, now I will handle your case and will find the murderer.”

After a week of investigation, the officer found that Jai is the murderer. When Kartik came to know about this he went to meet Jai and asked why he killed his brother. To which Jai replied, “I did all this to take revenge from you.” In the end, the team suspended Jai for 5 years.