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Orientation Programme at AIMC



By Parivesh Maheshwari

22nd August 2022, marked the beginning of a new and life-defining journey in my life. It was the most awaited Orientation programme of my post-graduation course. I enrolled myself in PGDM in Mass Communication, which is also a new addition to the prestigious college, Apeejay lnstitute of Mass Communication (AIMC).

Getting enrolled in a new course is always thrilling and exciting as you get the privilege to be known as the student of the first batch from a certain course.

The orientation event started around 10:30 am with the lighting of the lamp by our chief guests, Mr Anurag Batra, Chairman and Editor-in-chief of Exchange4media and Mr Sam Rufus, founder of EPIC- Enriching People in Creativity.

Mr Anurag Batra shared teachings for the young minds about the vital contributions he’s made to the college and its benefactors. His three “H’s” of Hard work, Humility and Honesty stood out as true inspiration for us. While, Mr Sam Rufus, who has his own aura and a unique perspective towards life, explained why one should be creative and the factors it takes to become an extraordinary mind.

As they say, breaking news is invariably incomplete without some spice to it. Similarly, any event is incomplete without anchors cum presenters, who were none other than alumni of the college: Mr Lakshit (sports anchor at Cricketinindia123) and Ms Deeksha Rathore (journalist at ANI). Both the presenters kept the event lively and shared a spoonful of their fresh experiences about the industry as well.

The unexpected star icon of the show was Mr Gaurav Chaudhary popularly known as “Technical Guruji”. Being one of the most popular influencers with over 30 million followers on social media, has the aura of a celebrity, but to my amazement, Gaurav ‘Bhaiya’ as he gently asked me to refer to him was so simple and down-to-earth. His sorted yet visionary views about the usage and consumption of modern mediums like YouTube or Instagram in optimum amounts was a lesson to learn by heart.

Finally, the core faculty of AIMC, Prof. Sajal Mukherjee, Prof. Pijush Dutta, Prof. Naveen Gautam, Gunika and Mudita Ma’am respectively, addressed all the students in the concluding session of the programme. Their advice of inculcating the habits of newspaper reading, writing daily on various topics is essential and important for an aspiring student of Mass Communication who aims to understand the industry better.

Also, they showed us a glimpse of the experiences they possess in their respective fields. All the teachers were very easy-going, and a single conversation with them broke the ice instantly.

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