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‘Not just research, an academician must share knowledge with the industry to boost growth’

An Apeejay alumnus tells us why left his corporate career to resume his academic journey



Dr Ashutosh Gaur, assistant professor, Mangalmay Institute of Management &Technology, has had an illustrious career across corporate and academic fields. The Apeejay School of Management (ASM) alumnus, who has more than two decades of professional experience, has published many research papers in national and international journals. He also runs a YouTube channel for educational workshops. In an interview, he tells us the crucial role ASM played in shaping him into a passionate and hardworking learner for life.


Tell us about your time at ASM. What made you pick the institute?

I completed my bachelor’s degree in engineering in 2001. The idea to pursue a management degree came to me after a few discussions with my college seniors. And Apeejay was among the top management instituties at the time. I cleared the interview and was enrolled in the programme.

Apeejay introduced me to a completely new world. Initially, I faced some challenges in adjusting to the new environment. But ASM taught me the value of unlearning and learning, which is a lesson that drives me even today. My professors encouraged me to go out to acquire practical knowledge of things. I drove my bike around the city and gained experience by working on different projects. It was a wonderful journey.

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Can you briefly take us through your professional journey?

After graduating from ASM, I joined a private bank as a financial planning advisor. Within two years, I became a directing manager and a vice-president in the next two years in a company. I was around 32-33 years old then. Later, I got the opportunity to work at a multinational company in Dubai. Meanwhile, I began my PhD at Gujarat Law Society (GLS) University, Ahmedabad. Thereafter, I began my career in academics as a faculty.

What made you return to academics from the corporate world?

Academics is where you gain mastery in a subject. As an academician, one’s job is not just to teach and research but to also share knowledge with the industry to boost its growth. This is why I love academics as it gives me the opportunity to contribute the most.

As a researcher, what advice can you share for aspirants?

Research is not easy. Apart from intelligence, you also need perseverance and determination that helps you sail through the tough journey. A researcher has to know his/her subject well and be willing to work very hard. Today, students are well-equipped with research tools and resources. Faculty members should also encourage and empower more and more learners to take up research.

You also run an educational YouTube channel called ‘Intellectual Manch’. Tell us more.

The idea came from an Apeejay professor! Through YouTube, I have created a forum where industry and academic experts come together for educational workshops on management studies. I recently organised a similar workshop on data analysis that was joined by more than 25 leading faculty members.

Disha Roy Choudhury is a Principal Correspondent at Apeejay Newsroom. She has worked as a journalist at different media organisations. She is also passionate about music and has participated in reality shows.